How to Evolve Shinx in Pokemon Sword and Shield, Locations and Stats

Pokemon Sword and Shield has all the Pokemon you could ever wish for. For this guide, we will be looking at an Electric-type, Shinx. We have prepared a guide to provide help with how to Evolve Shinx in Pokemon Sword and Shield, its Locations and Stats.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Shinx

Shinx can appear in the northern parts of Isle of Armor, however, you will need to be under rainy and thunderstorm weather conditions.

If you do have the Isle of Armor DLC however, you can find Shinx in the Forest of Focus, Challenge Beach, Challenge Road, Training Lowlands and Potbottom Desert.

Alternatively, you can get Shinx by transfer from Pokemon HOME or Trade with players with Expansion Pass or Max Raid Battles.

How to Evolve Shinx
Shinx is a base level Pokemon that can be further evolved into two more powerful Pokemon, Luxio at level 15 and Luxray at level 30.

Shinx Abilities
Through its Rivalry ability, it can become competitive and starts dealing more damage to same-gender Pokemon although at the cost of dealing less damage to the opposite gender Pokemon.

It has the Intimidate ability meaning that it intimidates opposing Pokemon upon entering battle, lowering their Attack stat.

Shinx also has a hidden type ability Guts, which boosts the Pokemon’s Attack stat, when it has a status condition.

Weaknesses and Strengths
Shinx is weak against Ground Type Moves. On the other hand, it will take less damage from Flying, Steel, Electric-type move. It is strong against Water, Flying, Electric, Fire and fairy type Pokemon.

Shinx Stats

  • HP: 45
  • Attack: 85
  • Defense: 40
  • SpecialAttack: 34
  • Special Defense: 34
  • Speed: 45

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