Pokemon Sword and Shield Nincada Locations, How to Catch and Evolve

This guide will show you all the locations where you can find Nincada in Pokemon Sword and Shield to add it to your party

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, you can find new and old Pokemons almost everywhere in the Galar region.  Pokemon Sword and Shield brings a number of new pokemon to be caught and evolved. Amongst them is Nincada, a bug and ground type Pokemon. In this Pokemon Sword and Shield Nincada Locations guide, we will explain all Nincada locations, how to catch and evolve it!

Pokemon Sword and Shield Nincada Locations

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, Nincada can be found only in non-overworld spawns.

Non-Overworld spawn means that the pokemon can only be found randomly in tall grass. The following are the locations in which Nincada can be found.

Location Weather Spawn%
West Lake Axewell Sandstorm (Lv. 7-11) 30%
South Lake Miloch Intense Sun (Lv. 11-13) 10%
South Lake Miloch Sandstorm (Lv. 11-13) 40%
Route 5 All weather (Lv. 16-18) 5%

Nincada does not spawn in Overworld locations.

How to catch Nincada
In the above locations, you can catch Nincada. Running around in these grasses, players can find one with a little effort.

If one does not appear, players can leave the fight and then reenter the grass to reset the spawning of Pokemon to catch.

Nincada Base Stats
Nincada has the following stats in Pokemon Sword and Shield:

  • HP: 31
  • Attack: 457
  • Defense: 90
  • Special Attack: 30
  • Special Defense: 30
  • Speed: 40
  • Total Points: 266

Nincada Abilities
Nincada has the following abilities in Sword and Shield:

  • Compound Eyes: The Pokemon’s compound eyes boost its accuracy.
  • Run Away (Hidden ability): Enables a sure getaway from wild Pokemon.

Nincada Evolutions
In Sword and Shield, Nincada has two evolutions. They are listed below:

  • Nincada evolves to Ninjask. To evolve, Level 20 is required.
  • Ninjask evolves to Shedinja. To evolve, Empty Slot in PartyLevel. It is the Final Evolution of Nincada.

Nincada Strengths and Weaknesses
Being a bug and ground type Pokemon, Nincada is strong against fighting, electric and poison type Pokemon. It is weak against fire, water and flying type Pokemon.

We have listed some pokemon against which Nincada is weak:

  • Arcanine a fire type pokemon.
  • Gyarados a water type pokemon.
  • Milotic a water type pokemon.
  • Togekiss a fairy and flying type pokemon.
  • Vanilluxe an ice type pokemon.

We have listed some pokemon against which Nincada is strong:

  • Rhyperior a ground and rock type pokemon.
  • Mamoswine an ice and ground type pokemon.
  • Jolteon an electric type pokemon.
  • Lucario a fighting and steel type pokemon.
  • Hippowdon a ground type pokemon.
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