Pokemon Sword and Shield Gossifleur Locations, How to Catch and Evolve

Learn how to find and capture the beautiful yet deadly Gossifleur with our Pokemon Sword and Shield Gossifleur location guide

Pokemon Sword and Shield has a colorful palette to its entire world with beautiful Pokemon all around. For this article’s entirety, we will be discussing a Grass-Type Pokemon called Gossifleur which is basically a flower with eyes and petals as its hair. This Pokemon Sword and Shield Gossifleur Locations guide will aid you in capturing this beautiful yet deadly pokemon.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Gossifleur Locations

Gossifleur can be a formidable opponent for others if you train it well. Let us help you decide on whether it is worth it or not to go through the trouble of catching a flower.

There are 3 locations with different probabilities for finding your very own Gossifleur. Since it is a Grass-Type Pokemon, you are going to find it in the Grass (Duh).

The locations where you will find Gossifleur are as follows:

Route 3 – Overworld, will be between Level 10 and 14 with a 30% chance of spawning.

Motostoke Riverbank – Overworld, Between Level 26 and 28 with a 25% chance of spawning.

Route 2 – Non-Overworld, here you can find Gossifleur at a considerably high level, that is between Level 37 and 40 with a 35% chance of spawning.

Alternatively, you could also go looking for Eldegoss, Gossifleur’s evolved form in the following locations.

Motostoke Riverbank – Overworld, with a level ranging from 26 to 28, and a 20% probability. Can be found in normal weather.

Stony Wilderness – Overworld, between Level 27 and 29 with a 10% probability. Eldegoss can be found in normal weather.

Giant’s Cap – Non-Overworld, between Level 26 and 29 with probability varying because of weather. 20% during Normal Weather, 40% during Overcast, 10% in Rain, and 10% during Heavy Fog.

Gossifleur Evolution
As mentioned above, Gossifleur has an evolution called Eldegoss. It will turn into a beautiful Pokemon at Level 20. Simply level it up, preferably against Water-Type as it will definitely speed up your process exponentially.

Gossifleur Abilities
Gossifleur’s unique move, Cotton Down affects the speed of the opponent Pokemon negatively causing them to slow down for one stage.

Gossifleur also restores a little HP back once it is withdrawn from battle.

Weaknesses and Strengths
Being a Grass-Type Pokemon, Gossifleur will be simply burnt to ashes when it comes into contact with fire.

Along with that, it is also weak to Ice, Poison, Flying and Bug Type. Should it be hit by either of these types, the damage will be multiplied by 2.

Needless to say, Gossifleur’s Grass-Type will also absolutely annihilate Ground, Rock and Water-Type Pokemon.

Gossifleur Stats

HP 40
Attack 40
Defense 60
Special Attack 40
Special Defense 60
Speed 10
Combat Points 250

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