How to Evolve Gastrodon in Pokemon Sword and Shield, Location and Stats

In this Pokemon Sword and Shield Gastrodon guide, we have covered all the essential elements and things that you should know about Gastrodon like how to Evolve Gastrodon in Pokemon Sword and Shield, its Location and Stats.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Gastrodon

Gastrodon is a Water and Ground-type Pokemon and it is strong against Steel, Fire, Poison, and Rock-type Pokemon and immune to Electric-type while weak against Grass-type.

It can be found at various locations with different probabilities. These are:

  • Galar Mine 2: 25% chances, all weather conditions
  • Giant’s Mirror: 65% chances, Sunny weather
  • Giant’s Mirror: 50% chances, cloudy weather
  • Giant’s Mirror: 55% chances, Rainy weather
  • Giant’s Mirror: 65% chances, Stormy weather
  • Route 9: 15% chances, all weather conditions

Gastrodon Abilities

  • Sand Force: It is a hidden ability of Gastrodon, which will boost all the Rock, Ground, and Steel-type move power of the Pokemon.
  • Sticky Hold: This is the signature ability of Gastrodon, it will allow pokemon to hold something and then that will be stuck and no other pokemon can remove it.
  • Storm Drain: This is a normal ability of Gastrodon, it allows Gastrodon to draw in all the water type attacks, and instead of being hit by those attacks it will enhance the sp. Attack.

How to Evolve Gastrodon
Gastrodon is the second form of Shellos, Shellos can be evolved to Gastrodon when you reach at level 30. Shellos is just water type pokemon but when it evolves to Gastrodon it becomes water and ground type.

Gastrodon has a hatch cycle of 20 and you can breed it. In the breeding process, first, catch any Gastrodon and keep on hatching eggs until you get High IV Shellos.

Now you need to get a bold nature shellos so keep on breeding them, we recommend you to put 252 EVs in HP and Defense and also max out the Dynamax level.

Type Defense

  • Fire: 0.5x damage
  • Electric: 0x damage
  • Grass: 4x damage
  • Poison: 0.5x damage
  • Rock: 0.5x damage
  • Steel: 0.5x damage


HP 111
Attack 83
Defense 68
Special Attack 92
Special Defense 92
Speed 39