Pokemon Sword and Shield Flygon Locations, How to Catch and Evolve

Flygon is the final form of Trapinch and the hardest form to find in Sword and Shield. In this Pokemon...

Flygon is the final form of Trapinch and the hardest form to find in Sword and Shield. In this Pokemon Sword and Shield Flygon Locations guide we’ll be walking you through this Dragon-Type’s Locations where you can easily spot it along with its strengths and weaknesses, Base Statistics, Evolution chain, and few unique abilities that this Pokemon possess.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Flygon Locations

Flygon is a Ground and Dragon-type Pokemon. It’s usually found roaming around Dusty Bowl during Normal Weather, Sandstorm. You can also evolve your Vibrava into Flygon if you don’t want to search for it. Flygon is known as the elemental spirit of the Desert. Because when flying, it is always surrounded by Sand.

Flygon Base Stats
Flygon has an Egg Group of Bug / Dragon along with an astonishing 520 Total Combat Points which include:

100 Attack, 80 Special Attack, 80 Defense, 80 Special Defense, 80 HP and 100 Speed Max IV Stats. According to Flygon’s Stats, it’s a pretty dangerous combination of speed and strength. You can’t outrun this one!

Flygon Evolution
Flygon is the final form of Trapinch. You can evolve Trapinch at level 35 into Vibrava and finally Flygon at Level 45. This is all you need to know about its evolution.

Flygon Strengths and Weaknesses
This Dragon and Ground Type Pokemon shows its weakness against the following types:

  • Dragon
  • Fairy
  • Ice

Flygon is superior and strong against these types:

  • Poison
  • Rock
  • Fire
  • Electric

Flygon Abilities
Flygon is a type of Pokemon that possesses massive wings that help it create a sand shield; whenever it feels endangered. And the Red covers on its eyes protect it from the sand, preventing temporary blindness.

This Pokemon can cause a big sandstorm, simply by flapping its wings and can create notes that sound like singing.

Apart from these skills, Flygon can also levitate: this ability saves this Pokemon from being dealt any Ground-Type attacks that can trap it, also it can’t receive damage through Spikes.

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