Pokemon Sword and Shield Fairy Gym Questions Answers Guide

Learn about the newly added questions and answers mechanic to taking over gyms in Pokemon Sword and Shield as you attempt the Fairy Gym challenge

Pokemon Sword and Shield’s Gyms have taken a different approach to make the process of getting a badge slightly more challenging than before. A particular Gym we will be talking about today is the Fairy Gym lead by an old woman named Opal. As a challenge, you will be asked a few questions that you will need to get right, should you fail to pass this challenge, you will have to start the entire thing all over again. To avoid that headache, we compiled a Pokemon Sword and Shield Fairy Gym Questions Answers guide.

To get a better idea on how to defeat the Pokemon in the Fairy Gym, check our guide detailing the best methodology for defeating the Fairy-Type roster here.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Fairy Gym Questions Answers

You will find yourself going through various Gym challenges before you actually get to the fight the leader themselves.

Fighting through the Trainers

When you are initially moving through the Gym, you will be facing three Trainers within the Gym, whilst fighting them you will also be asked various questions, one per trainer. Answering the questions incorrectly will result in a stat drop; one of your many stats (Attack, Speed, Defense, etc) will drop significantly.

However, answering correctly will earn you a random stat buff. Therefore, it pays to go into this whole endeavor with some foreknowledge

The questions and their answers are:

Fighting the first trainer you will be asked,

Q) Do you know the Fairy-Type Weakness?

A) This is a trick question and one you can’t answer incorrectly. Your options are Steel and Poison; both are correct.

The next trainer will ask you:

Q) What was the previous trainer’s name?

A) Your options are Annette and Annetta; a simple way of tricking you, changing a single letter. The correct answer is Annette.

The last Pokemon trainer will ask a bit more personal question

Q) What do I eat for breakfast every morning?

A) There’s a 50/50 chance of answering correctly the first time you’re asked; you can either say curry or omelets. The correct answer is omelets (unsure how players were supposed to know beforehand.

Opal will ask these questions every now and then, and once you’re through with her lackeys you will now have to face off against her as well, during which, she will ask more questions.

Opal’s Questions

As you fight Opal she will ask you three confusing questions, that honestly, if you haven’t read up on them, there’s no way of knowing their answers.

Q) Do you know my nickname?

A) The Wizard.

Q) What is my favorite color?

A) The answer can be tricky for someone who’s unaware as Opal is sporting both purple and pink on her attire; but the correct answer is Purple.

Q) How old am I?

A) This is somewhat a trick question. The options include 16 years old and 88 years old; both are acceptable. However, she takes umbrage with you pointing out her real age, and as a punishment, gives you a de-buff. It’s preferable to say she’s 16 (far from the truth) as she’ll accept the answer and not punish you in any way.

Once you’ve answered these questions, you will face her final Pokemon which will be a Gigantamax, and there will be no further questions. After defeating her final Pokemon, you will be awarded the Fairy Gym, and you can now continue your journey deeper into the Galar region of Pokemon Sword and Shield.

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