Pokemon Sword and Shield Dynamax Adventures Guide

In our Pokemon Sword and Shield Dynamax Adventures Guide, we’ll dive deep into everything there is to know about the Dynamax Adventures.

In our Pokemon Sword and Shield Dynamax Adventures Guide, we’ll dive deep into everything there is to know about the Dynamax Adventures in this all-new Crown Tundra DLC.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Dynamax Adventures

Dynamax Adventures is the latest feature in the Pokemon Sword and Shield The Crown Tundra DLC, which allows four players to team up and explore the Raid dens of Dynamax Pokemon.

In the Raid dens, you’ll battle three Dynamax Pokemon successively.

After beating each of these Pokemon, you’ll be asked to pick a route to continue your journey.

Needless to say, but since three other players will be accompanying you on this trip, the decision for your next route will be in accordance with the majority.

The path you choose will determine which Pokemon you will come up against next.

If you manage to beat all three of the Dynamax Pokemon, you’ll be able to battle a Legendary Pokemon with a 100% catch rate, meaning that victory in that battle will guarantee you a Legendary Pokemon.

So, go in that battle with everything you’ve got!

On the contrary, if you lose any of these battles, you’ll have no choice but to restart the Dynamax Adventures from the very beginning.

So, try not to slack off once you’re inside the Raid dens.

To prompt the Dynamax Adventures, you’ll need to travel to the Max Lair and converse with the scientist in the Lobby.

If you’ve already unlocked the Flying Taxi Service, you’ll be able to make your way there in no time!

Rules and Limitations

Before initiating the Dynamax Adventures, you need to keep the following set of rules in your mind:

  • You can only use Rental Pokemon.
  • The Pokemon you defeat in your venture can be exchanged with your party, Pokemons.
  • The Adventure fails if your party Pokemon dies a total of 4 times.
  • The Adventure fails if the number of rounds in a battle exceeds 10.
  • There’s always an option of starting over if you are unable to get ahold of the Legendary Pokemon.
  • If you decide to bring back a Pokemon other than the Legendary one, you can always play again to it.
  • Your Pokemon won’t heal after a battle.
  • The Dynamax Pokemons you will encounter have no barriers.

Tips and Tricks

The first and foremost tip is that you should never attempt the Dynamax Adventures alone; you’ll surely end up in vain.

As we’ve already mentioned before, these Adventures are designed for a four-players team, and it’s best if you keep them that way.

So, whenever you’re about to start a Dynamax Adventure, select the “invite others” option and if you want to play with your friends, select the “+” button before you do that.

Secondly, winning the fight with the Legendary Pokemon, waiting at the Raid den’s end is very crucial if you want to get your hands on that much-coveted Legendary Pokemon.

So, it’s important to take a look at which Legendary Pokemon you’ll go up against before you start the Dynamax Adventures.

This will help you decide which Dynamax Pokemons you need to fight and switch for helping you in your ultimate battle.

However, remember that only one of the four players in your team can exchange a Pokemon at a particular time.

So you need to make that decision before the battle begins. Else, you may end up wasting a whole lot of precious time!

As far as exchanging Pokemons go, you should look for a Pokemon that is not only strong but also has decent move coverage.

Furthermore, there are also quite impressive chances of you getting a shiny Pokemon.

These rare Pokemons don’t seem much different from the standard Dynamax Pokemon that you encounter.

Nonetheless, Once you exchange them, you’ll be able to notice the difference between them.

So, be sure to check on each Pokemon you switch so that you’re sure about the Pokemon you’re bringing home.

You should also consider using items and NPCs for help.

You’ll have five items, namely Bright Powder, Quick Claw, White Herb, Normal Gem, and Focus Sash to choose from.

As far as the NPCs go, you’ll have three options, as listed below. We have also jotted down their respective effect.

  • Backpacker – Get a held item to have your Pokemon hold.
  • Scientist – Change your Pokemon to a random Rental Pokemon.
  • Berries – Heals some HP for all Pokemon in the party.

In addition to this, if the HP of any of your Pokemon is down, it’s better than if you exchange that Pokemon instead of any other.

This will make sure that you’re in your best possible state.

Dynamax Adventures Rewards

Whether you fail at the Dynamax Adventures or overcome them, you’ll receive Dynite Ores as a reward.

These Ores vary from a scale of 1 to 9, depending on the success rate in your Adventures. In most cases, you get 1 Dynite Ore per battle won.

Aside from being exchanged for Exp.

Candy, Stat Boosts, and other rare items, you can also hand over 5 of these Dynite Ores to Peonia in exchange for her telling you the location of a Legendary Pokemon of your choosing!

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