Pokemon Sword and Shield Duraludon Locations, How to Catch and Evolve

Duraludon is the most overpowered pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield. In this Pokemon Sword and Shield Duraludon Locations, we will discuss everything about this pokemon starting from locations where you can find it and how you can catch it and go to the moves it can learn, also covering abilities, evolution chain, strengths and weaknesses along the way. Let’s get started.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Duraludon Locations

Duraludon can spawn in both overworld and non-overworld spawn locations. With a rarity of 1% in overworld, you can find Duraludon on Route 10 in various weather conditions such as overcast, raining, heavy fog and snowstorm. For the non-overworld spawns we will find Duraludon in the Lake of Outrage in Snowstorm Weather and it would be of level 50 to 52 with a spawn rarity of 2%.

Catch Duraludon

In order to catch a Duraludon you have to go to route 10 during a snowstorm for getting the best chances of encountering it. Keep going away and then coming back to tall grass and you will eventually encounter one.

Once you have encountered one, use a pokemon that it is weak against. After that use a quick ball to capture it and it will be added to your Pokedex.

Duraludon Stats

  • Atk: 95
  • Sp. Atk: 120
  • Def: 115
  • Sp. Def: 50
  • HP: 70
  • Speed: 85

Unfortunately, Duraludon currently has no evolution.

Below are the pokemon that Duraludon is weak against along with their types:

  • Rhyperior (Ground, Rock)
  • Mamoswine (Ice, Ground)
  • Lucario (Fighting, Steel)
  • Hippowdon (Ground)
  • Flygon (Ground, Dragon)

This is a list of pokemon that Duraludon is strong against along with their types:

  • Silvally (Normal)
  • Togekiss (Fairy, Flying)
  • Gyarados (Water, Flying)
  • Milotic (Water)

Duraludon Abilities

Following are the abilities of this pokemon along there type and effect:

Light Metal: Halves the Pokemon’s weight.

Heavy Metal: Doubles the Pokemon’s weight.

Stalwart: Ignores the effects of opposing Pokemon’s Abilities and moves that draw in moves.

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