Pokemon Sword and Shield Cufant Locations, How to Catch and Evolve

Capture and include the adorable elephant Cufant to your party with this Pokemon Sword and Shield Cufant Locations guide and make best use of its skills

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, there are many pocket monsters introduced and are left for us to find. In this guide, we’ll be talking about a new Pokemon called Cufant. Our Pokemon Sword and Shield Cufant Locations guide includes information on where to find it, its evolution, base stats along with some hidden abilities. So, be sure to read the whole guide.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Cufant Locations

Cufant is an adorable elephant looking Steel type pokemon. This Pokemon is really hard to get, as it is available very far into the game. You can find Cufant roaming around in Bridge Field. At the moment of encounter, this Pokemon is almost at level 29.

Cufant Base Statistics
Cufant have an Egg Group of Field / Mineral and possesses an overall base stat of 330 such as: 72 HP, 80 Attack, 49 Defense, 40 Special Attack, 49 Special Defense, 40 Speed.

Cufant Evolution
Cufant is a type of Pokemon that evolves very quick once caught.

Usually, Cufant starts evolving at level 34, into Copperajah. Many players are afraid of this evolution as they think that the moves prior to this evolution will fade away once Cufant evolves. We have good news for you!

Copperajah has all the moves of Cufant beyond level 34.

If you can’t wait for Cufant to evolve then you can simply head to Lake of Outrage and naturally spawn a level 55/58 Copperajah.

Be sure to look for them during a snowstorm raging because at that time their spawn rate is the highest.

Cufant Strengths and Weaknesses
Cufant is a Steel-type Pokemon which makes it weak and vulnerable against the following types

  • Fighting
  • Ground
  • Fire

Cufant is superior to the following types

  • Fairy
  • Ice
  • Rock

Cufant Abilities
Cufant is a very strong Pokemon, it can dig up the ground just by using its Trunk and its capable of carrying over five tons of load with ease. It shows its specialty when it rains by turning its copper body into a vibrant green color.

Other than these qualities, this Pokemon possesses some special abilities as well, which are: Sheer Force and a hidden ability called Heavy Metal.

Sheer Force: This ability allows it to increase its secondary effect of moves by 30%. However, it loses the secondary effect.

Heavy Metal: This is a hidden ability of Cufant which allows this Pokemon to double its weight

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