Pokemon Sword and Shield Character Customization Guide

Dive in detail into the character customization options available in Pokemon Sword and Shield to make your character truly your own and stand out

A feature that has impressed many fans in Sword and Shield is that now you are able to fully customize your character. For that very reason, we have a guide focusing on Pokemon Sword and Shield Character Customization for you to check out.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Character Customization

Pokemon Sword and Shield feature a more robust and detailed character creator and customization options than ever before, down to the minute details such as eyes and skin color. Below, we have highlighted all the features and character customization options in the game.

Non-Customizable features
At the start of the game, you will be given the option to choose your gender and skin color. It is important to note that these won’t be changeable after choosing at the start.

Other than that, you can change many other things like hair styles, clothes etc. as many times as you want to.

League Card Appearance
In Pokemon Sword and Shield, you can customize your league card appearance as well. It will showcase your current avatar in a nice picture. After each Salon session, you can choose to update it on the spot or not.

Change Hairstyle at Barbershops
To customize your hairstyle and colors, you can visit a Barbershop. Barbershops can be found all across the Galar Region. Enter a Barber to be able to change the way your hair looks. You’ll also get the option to change your eyebrows, eyelashes, hair color, eye color and lip color here.

Hairstyle can be changed in the Barbershop through the “Hair” option at the counter. But note that it will cost 3000 per try, even if you don’t make any changes.

Change Facial Appearance with Makeup
At the barbershop, you can also change your facial features like eyebrows, pupil color, etc. To do so, use the Makeup option at the Barbershop counter. Each use costs 1000. Although for male characters, customization options for facial features is limited as you cannot use the lip color, eyelash, and bangs options.

Clothes Change in Pokemon Sword and Shield
In Galar, you can find multiple boutiques all around the map. Boutiques are the clothing shops where you can buy and change outfits. Select from a number of different clothing items, including outerwear, tops, and gloves.

To unlock an outfit, you will need to buy it with money. Once you buy an outfit, it unlocks permanently. To change your outfit, you can go to the dressing rooms present in every boutique and swap on!

Bike Outfit change
In Pokemon Sword and Shield, you can even change the colors and style of your Rotom Bike if you get bored of your current one. You can change bike outfits by talking to Watt Vendors. They’ll give you some options from which you can choose and change.

Of course to purchase those changes you will need Watts, a new type of currency acquired by taking part in Max raids.

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