Pokemon Sword and Shield Bunnelby Locations, How to Catch and Evolve

Get your hands on the cute and cuddly diggin bunny, Bunnelby, with the help of our Pokemon Sword and Shield location guide

Bunnelby, as the name suggests, is a Normal-type Bunny Pokemon with a dark fur that loves to dig around. It is also a very shy and sensitive Pokemon and if it sense danger coming, it will immediately try to run and hide. In this Pokemon Sword and Shield Bunnelby Locations we will give you useful tips to find and capture it.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Bunnelby Locations

As mentioned above, Bunnelby is a Normal-type Pokemon and it has the following base stats

  • HP: 38
  • Atk: 36
  • Def: 38
  • Sp.Atk: 32
  • Sp.Def: 36
  • Speed: 57

Bunnelby spawns in the Wild Area in the following zones, with its spawn rate affected by certain weather conditions

Rolling Fields

  • Normal Weather (Lv. 7-10)
  • Overcast (Lv. 7-10)
  • Raining (Lv. 7-10)
  • Intense Sun (Lv. 7-10)
  • Snowing (Lv. 7-10)
  • Sandstorm (Lv. 7-10)
  • Heavy Fog (Lv. 7-10)

Dappled Grove

  • Normal Weather (Lv. 13-15)
  • Raining (Lv. 13-15)
  • Intense Sun (Lv. 13-15)
  • Snowing (Lv. 13-15)
  • Snowstorm (Lv. 13-15)
  • Sandstorm (Lv. 13-15)

West Lake Axewell

  • Intense Sun (Lv. 8-14)
  • Sandstorm (Lv. 8-14)

North Lake Miloch

  • Normal Weather (Lv. 26-28)
  • Intense Sun (Lv. 26-28)
  • Sandstorm (Lv. 26-28)

Giant’s Cap

  • Sandstorm (Lv. 28-30)
  • Sandstorm (Lv. 29-32)

Bunnelby Evolution

Bunnelby evolves into Diggersby when it reaches level 20 with the following base stats

  • HP: 85
  • Atk: 56
  • Def: 77
  • Sp.Atk: 50
  • Sp.Def: 77
  • Speed: 78

Diggersby can also be found in the wild as it spawns in Giant’s Cap around level 28-30 in Intense Sun or Sandstorm weather.

Bunnelby Weakness and Strength
Each Pokemon has its weaknesses and strengths. Bunnelby is Digging Pokemon which makes it weak against Fighting and Strong against Ghost.

Bunnelby Abilities
Bunnelby can randomly get one of the following abilities

Pickup: The Pokemon may pick up items.

Cheek Pouch: Restores HP as well when the Pokemon eats a Berry.

Huge Power: Doubles the Pokemon’s Attack stat.