Pokemon Sword and Shield Bounsweet Locations, How to Catch and Evolve

If you’re looking for some info on Bounsweet, the grass-type Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield, you’ve come to the right place. This Pokemon Sword and Shield Bounsweet Locations guide contains all the information you need to know about Bounsweet.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Bounsweet Locations

Bounsweet can be found in quite a lot of places, in both the Overworld and Non-Overworld. Each location has its unique chance to spawn Bounsweet. This spawn rate, coupled with the level of Bounsweet is affected by the weather of the area.

Bounsweet can spawn in areas like Lake Axewell, Stony Wilderness, and Rolling Fields. Weather like sandstorm decreases its spawn rate to as low as 5% while rain has the highest Bounsweet spawn rate of 60% around level 28-30.

Bounsweet Stats

  • HP – 42
  • Attack – 30
  • Defense – 38
  • Special Attack – 30
  • Special Defense – 38
  • Speed – 32

Bounsweet Level Up Moves
Bounsweet has a bunch of decent level-up moves. The most important ones are:

Rapid Spin – All effects of traps are removed. It has 100 Acc and 20 Pow, and is unlocked at level 8.

Flail – The user’s HP becomes inversely proportional to power; meaning, the lower the HP, the higher the power. It has 100 Acc, and is unlocked at level 24.

Teeter Dance – All Pokemon are confused. It has 100 Acc, and is unlocked at level 28.

Razor Leaf – Critical hit ratio is significantly increased. It has 95 Acc, and is unlocked at level 12.

Bounsweet TM and TR Moves
Bounsweet has a very long list of TM and TR moves. Some powerful TM and TR moves are:

Solar Beam (TM11) – It is charged on the first turn, and the attack lands on the second. It has 100 Acc and 120 Pow.

Snore (TM24) – This move can only be used if Bounsweet is asleep; it has a chance to cause flinching. It has 100 Acc and 50 Pow.

Giga Drain (TM28) – This move regenerates Bounsweet’s HP equivalent to how much damage is dealt to the opponent. It has 100 Acc and 75 Pow.

Energy Ball (TR65) – This move can decrease the opponent’s Special Defense. It has 100 Acc and 90 Pow.

Zen Headbutt (TR69) – This move can cause flinching. IT has 90 Acc and 80 Pow.

Play Rough (TR90) – This move can decrease the opponent’s attack. It ha 90 Acc and 90 Pow.

Bounsweet Evolutions
At level 18, Bounsweet evolves into Steenee. Steenee’s stats are:

  • HP – 52
  • Attack – 40
  • Defense – 48
  • Special Attack – 40
  • Special Defense – 48
  • Speed – 62

After ‘Stomp’ is learned, Steenee evolves into Tsareena. Tsareena’s stats are:

  • HP – 72
  • Attack – 120
  • Defense – 98
  • Special Attack – 50
  • Special Defense – 98
  • Speed – 72

Bounsweet Strengths and Weaknesses
The Pokemon Bounsweet works the best against are Milotic, Rhyperior, Lapras, Manoswine. Since Bounsweet is a Grass-type Fruit Pokemon, his weaknesses are Flying, Bug, Poison, Ice and Fire-type Pokemon.

For example, Arcanine, Togekiss, Gyarados, Vanilluxe, and Noivern will all be very strong against Bounsweet

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