Pokemon Sword and Shield Best Pokemon Tier List

Figure out which Pokemon is the best in Sword and Shield and should be caught first with the help of our tier list for the game

There are Pokemon aplenty in Sword and Shield – so many that it’ll take you hours upon hours just to catch them all. But then a question is raised: which ones should I try to get first? And which Pokemon stands atop the rest? Well, to answer that question, we have written this Pokemon Sword and Shield Best Pokemon Tier List; in fact, we’ll list our rankings for as many Pokemon as we can.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Best Pokemon Tier List

Since this is a tier list, as such we will be placing Pokemon in either S rank or below (going all the way down to D). Let’s see who makes the cut and who gets dropped to the bottom of the bin.

Our choices are based on primarily the individual stats of each Pokemon. How much power they wield, how useful they are on the battlefield, and what they ultimately bring to the table. Admittedly there’s also a bit of an aesthetic bias as well – some of these have quite a terrible design and that lowered their overall standing in our eyes.

Without further ado, here’s our Tier Ranking of Pokemon Sword and Shield.

S-Tier Corviknight Appletun Dragapult Eternatus Toxtricity Zacian Zamazenta Mew Cinderace Rillaboom Gyarados Togekiss Inteleon Hydreigon Chandelure Hippowdon Ferrothorn Umbreon Rhyperior Reuniclus Snorlax (S for its Tankiness) Wobbufett Mimikyu
A-Tier Mr. Rime Copperajah Polteageist Boltund Darmanitan Tyranitar Conkledurr Excadrill Glaile Eiscue Galarian Darmanitan Sylveon Wash Rotom Mandibuzz Mylotic Heat Rotom
B Scorbunny Grookey Sobble Diggersby Abomasnow Frosmoth Pelipper
C Hattrem Eiscue Meowth Falinks Morgrem
D Ideedee Stunfisk Pinkerchan Arctozolt