Pokemon Sword and Shield Best Early Pokemon Guide

Get a look at some of the early Pokemon you will encounter in Pokemon Sword and Shield and their benefits with the help of our guide

Pokemon Sword and Shield offers players three basic starting Pokemon, a fire type, a grass type or a water type to choose from. However, you need to get more Pokemon of other types and species to stand against gym leaders as you progress through the game. Since you can easily find many Pokemon just roaming around before the first gym leader, Milo, it can be difficult to figure out which ones to add to your party. We have compiled a list of Pokemon Sword and Shield Best Early Pokemon for you.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Best Early Pokemon

These Pokemon will be low level as you will encounter them in the wild area before you challenge the first gym leader but with a little bit of love and training, they have the potential to become your best companions as you travel through Galar in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

A water-type Pokemon, Magikarp can be found in almost any water body around the world. It can be caught in the lake near Prof. Mangolia’s house on route 2. Just use your fishing rod when you see bubbles. It mainly evolves into Gyarados. It boasts a strong physical attack and an ability called intimidate.

A water- earth type Pokemon, Wooper can be found West Lake Axewell Wild area in rainy weather. Its evolved form Quagsire is very useful against Nessa, water type gym leader, and Kabu, fire type gym leader. Quagsire’s water absorb ability can be very useful in fights against water type Pokemons.

A psychic-flying Pokemon, Woobat and it’s evolved form, Swoobat can be found in Galar mines, and they prove to be very helpful against first few gym leaders with Mils having grass-type Pokemon and Kabu, having fire type Pokemon.

A solid fire type on your team never hurts. Vulpix and it’s evolved form Ninetails can be found on route 3. It will prove very helpful unless you picked Scorbunny as the starting Pokemon.

Rookidee is likely the first flying type Pokemon that you will encounter in the game. It evolves into Corvisquire and Corviknight and will give you an advantage when taking on the first gym challenge. Rookidee can be commonly found on route 2.

Nickit is a dark type Pokemon that is also encountered on route 2. Nickit evolves into Thievul and has good speed to outpace opponents. It will be especially useful against Bede, a recurring rival who mostly uses psychic type Pokemon.

Yamper is an electric type Pokemon that evolves into Boltund. Catching it early in the story is mainly for dealing with Hop’s Rookidee in your second battle. Yamper will also be a good choice for when you take on the second gym challenge since the gym trainers and leader there use water-type Pokemon. Yamper can be found on route 2.

Eevee, a normal type Pokemon, should also be acquired when encountered on route 4. Catching Eevee early will give you time to level it up and raise its affection. It will evolve into Sylveon, its fairy type variant, which will give you an edge against trainers in the eighth and final gym challenge.

Zigzagoon can be found on route 2 with an only 2% encounter chance in the overworld. There are greater opportunities to catch this awesome new Gallarian form. There are other chances to get this pokemon later in the game but if you want it before you actually start adventuring but you should get it as soon as possible. It is a normal type pokemon but it would be very beneficial to keep it around.

Blipbug is a cute little bug Pokemon that could be obtained on route one with a 30-percent encounter chance and also on route 2 with a forty-percent encounter chance. Blipbug evolves at level 10 in the dottler and then level 30 into Orbeetle which also makes it psychic as a secondary type. It is resistant to ground, fighting and grass pokemon which can be very helpful.

You got a 10% chance of finding one of these awesome Pokemon in the overworld which you can then evolved into dreadnought at level 22. Its post evolution state is legendary which is why it is such a great pokemon to get.

Wooloo is everybody’s favorite sheep and he is on this list because why the heck not. He can be found on route 1 with a 15% chance at an overworld encounter and level up to level 24 to get an awesome doubwool.

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