Pokemon Sword and Shield G Max Moves Guide

Pokemon Sword and Shield have specific moves unique to Gigantamax Pokemon called G Max Moves. Even these are only specifically available to certain Gigantamax Pokemon. These moves will replace any similar type, that the Pokemon would have had prior to the process. Other moves that are not of a similar type, turn into Max Moves.

The guide right now aims to detail you on every Gigantamax move in Pokemon Sword and Shield, so you may plan it out before you teach your pokemon some new moves.

Pokemon Sword and Shield G Max Moves

Below are the Gigantamax Pokemon and their G Max Moves we know so far:

Butterfree (Bug)
G Max Befuddle

Damages, causes paralysis, poison, and sleep effect.

Eevee (Normal/Event Pokemon)
G Max Cuddle

Inflicts damage, and make Pokemon of the opposite gender fall in love.

Alcremie (Fairy)
G Max Finale

Damages the enemy, and at the same time healing all Pokemon within Alcremie’s side of the field.

Meowth (Normal/Event Pokemon)
G Max Gold Rush

Inflicts damage (As usual), scatters gold coins and gives in-game money after a battle. Also causes confusion.

Drednaw (Water)
G Max Stonesurge

Inflicts damage along with sharpening rocks which will work as passive damage to any Pokemon in the field.

Pikachu (Electric/Event Pokemon
G Max Volt Crash

Inflicts damage, and paralyze everyone in the field. Although not effective on Ground Pokemon, it will still paralyze

Charizard (Fire)
G Max Wildfire

Inflicts damage and will cause health loss for four consecutive turns to Pokemon that are not Fire-type

Corviknight (Flying)
G Max Wind Rage

Inflicts damage and nullifies effects of Terrain, Reflect, Spikes, Light Screen and of the sort

With details on every move, make sure to have the right Pokemon by your side, with the right moves, so you can maximize your chances of winning during a battle.

After all, Pokemon can be finished by simply leveling up your Pokemon, but if you pay a lot of attention to stats, you can make your roster stand out amongst all others.

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