Best Place To Find Soothe Bell In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

Items like the Soothe Bell are vital to progressing your Pokemon level in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet especially Pokemon like Sylveon. A soothe bell can be used to increase your friendship level with your Pokemon which helps in their inevitable evolution.

You’ll want to know where to find Soothe bells during your journey through Pokemon SV so here is a guide on the Best Place to Find Soothe Bells.

Pokemon SV Soothe Bell locations

You can find a Soothe Bell in some locations early in Pokemon SV. Soothe bells are scattered across the map, and you will periodically run into them.

Since the game has just released, we haven’t had the time to individually map out the locations. One particular one is in the Mesagoza up the stairs near the East exit.

You can also buy these Soothe Bells super easily in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet! In a major city in the game, you can head to the local Delibird Presents shop where you can find the Soothe bell for 5000P a piece.

It’s pretty cheap for how useful it can be. You can find many useful things at the Delibird Presents shop so be sure to head here to check for important items such as evolution stones.

With a soothe bell you can increase your friendship level with your Pokemon, and you can also check this level by heading to the NPC that allows you to.

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