How To Catch Sinistea In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

Locating Sinistea can be a bit of a headache for you in Pokemon SV. It is a very small Pokemon in size and can be hard to spot.

Sinistea is a tea-cup-shaped ghost-type Paldean Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet. It has received a new 9th Generation regional form in the game. You can further evolve this Pokemon into a Polteageist to further boost its abilities and stats. To do that, you must first catch a Sinistea in Pokemon SV and fill up your Pokedex.

If you are having trouble finding Sinistea during your adventures, keep reading to know where they normally roam in the games.

Sinistea location in Pokemon SV

Locating Sinistea can be a bit of a headache for you in Pokemon SV. It is a very small Pokemon in size and can be hard to spot. Moreover, it spawns very rarely. Lucky for you, we have found a location in Pokemon SV where this Pokemon can easily be located.

All you need to do is head to the bottom left side of the map. Once you go there, there will be a location known as Alfornada on your map. After reaching Alfornada, head towards the left side of it near some bushes. You’ll see Sinistea roaming around.

How to catch a Sinistea

Now, most of the time, Sinistea will put up a fight which makes it very difficult for you to capture it using a Pokeball. As you throw one at it, it will get aggressive and put up a fight. In this situation, take out your strongest fire-type, ghost-type, or dark-type Pokemon to fight it. It is weak against these Pokemon so you’ll have a decent chance against it.

Decrease its health first until it is close to being knocked out, and then throw a Pokeball toward it again to capture it. You should have no trouble catching Sinistea in Pokemon SV now.


Sinistea Type, Abilities, and Weakness 

Sinistea is a ghost-type Pokemon and below are its Abilities and Weaknesses: 

Weak Armor Speed boost is granted after being hit by a physical attack. Defense is also lowered by one stage. 
Cursed body Grants a 30% chance to disable your opponent’s move. 
Sinistea Abilities and Description

Pokemon SV Sinistea Evolution

Sinistea can be evolved into Polteageist either by using Cracked Pot for the Phony form or you can use Chipped Pot for the Authentic form. 

Sinistea Stats

Here are a few base stats of Sinistea that you must keep in mind before capturing it: 

  • HP: 40
  • Attack: 45
  • Defense: 45
  • Special Attack: 74
  • Special Defense: 54
  • Speed: 50

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