How To Relearn Moves In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

The proces of relearning moves has changed in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet so let us explain how the new system works.

Without a doubt, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has reimagined the franchise and introduced multiple new features helping players find solace in the midst of challenges in their new comfort game. Similarly, one of the new features introduced in the game radically changes the process to learn moves in Pokemon SV. The new change now removes the concept of tutors from the equation.

Not only does this cut out the hassle of finding an NPC to help your Pokémon relearn the move, but also greatly simplifies the whole process. Without further ado, let’s take a look at how your Pokemon can relearn moves in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

How to relearn moves in Pokemon SV

The process of relearning moves in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is fairly simple since it does not require the player to find a tutor for their Pokemon anymore. Open the in-game menu and select the Pokemon you want to relearn moves and check their summary.

Now, select the tab of current moves, which will open a bunch of other tabs, through which you will be required to select remember moves. This will open up a menu consisting of all your Pokemon’s previously learned moves.

From here you can select and learn any move you want, except for the ones that are ahead of your Pokemon’s current level.

Restrictions to relearning moves

You can relearn moves an infinite number of times as there are no restrictions on relearning moves. Relearning moves is free, and you can save much more heart scales. The feature of relearning moves will be available to you as soon as you unlock your first Pokemon in the game.

However, there are some moves that you cannot learn due to restrictions imposed in the game. There is no way to make your Pokemon get hold of the Egg Moves using the relearn feature, and the only way of teaching these moves is to breed them and make them learn them.

Additionally, you cannot teach pre-evolution moves to a post-evolution Pokemon. The only way of teaching them these pre-evolution moves is to delay their transformation and teach them the moves. 

Can a Pokemon relearn TM Moves?

It is impossible to relearn the TM moves using the relearn feature of the game. If you forget some TM moves, you need to play the TM games to relearn them. So be careful while forgetting these moves, as you might have to go through TM games and learn again.

How to forget moves

Similar to relearning moves, forgetting moves is just as easy. Open the in-game menu and check the summary of the desired Pokemon.

Now, go to the current moves tab, and select the Forget a Move option from the list. This will allow you to forget a move for the selected Pokemon without the hassle of any extra steps

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