How To Get Rare Candy In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

Using rare candy in Pokemon SV lets players increase the level of their Pokemon so allow us to give you some of their locations.

The launch of Pokemon SV witnessed multiple new features; however, the game has been keen on revisiting some of the franchise’s iconic features. One such feature is the rare candy, which you can find scattered throughout the map in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Unfortunately, you cannot buy these candies anywhere so you will have to grind for them. 

Using Rare Candy in Pokemon SV allows the player to level up their Pokemon by one level, making its usage perfect for an instant level-up once your Pokemon has recently leveled up.

So, let’s look at this item and where you can find rare candy in Pokemon SV. 

Pokemon SV Rare Candy location

Since these rare candies used to be extremely rare, but the rise of trainer numbers has ignited them on fire. However, you can still find them in a few locations. Since these rare candies are extremely rare, so there is a limited amount of these candies to get. Rare Candies are scattered throughout the map of the Paldea region.

You can find these candies within the Pokeballs. Do catch them and use them on your top-tier Pokémon. Some Pokémon in the game have the pickup ability that can snatch Rare Candy while battling with another Pokémon.

We have narrowed down six areas where you come across these rare candies, so without further ado, let’s look at them. 

Rare Candy location #1

The first rare candy you’ll come across will be in the South Province (area three). Here, atop a cliff, you’ll come across a Pokeball with a pink flame. Pick it up, and it’ll turn into a rare candy.

Rare Candy location #2

The following rare candy is in the South Province (area five). Here, you’ll find a watch tower from which you can jump onto a narrow mountain cliffside path. You’ll find your second rare candy here.

Rare Candy location #3

The third rare candy in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet can be obtained near the Paldean Sea. You’ll notice a tiny island south of the sea that you can reach by swimming toward it. On this island, you will find not only rare candy but many other valuable items as well. Make sure to explore this island thoroughly before leaving.

Rare Candy location #4

The fourth rare candy is in a watch tower located east of the Paldean Sea, near the East Province. Once you’ve climbed the tower, you’ll come across a Pokeball with a pink flame around it. Pick it up, and it’ll turn into a rare candy.

Rare Candy locations 5 & 6

The fifth and sixth rare candies are at the same location. To find these rare candies, you’ll have to travel to the Asado Desert and move toward its northeastern region. You’ll eventually come across a rare candy or two.

Tera Raid Battles reward

Besides the locations where you can pick up the Rare Candy, the Tera Raid battle is also an excellent way to get them as a reward. The Rare Candies you will get as a reward for Tera Battle will increase with the raid level.

Cheats for obtaining Rare Candy in Pokemon SV

Some unconfirmed cheats may be able to get you Rare Candy drops. As for the glitches, there are none. You can try entering the following code into your Poke Portal: LEVELUP. If it still works, the code can get you up to 10x Rare Candy. There is one more code that you should try: 041F0003 2B815888 00000063. This code can be written in a saved game.

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