How To Catch Nacli In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

Nacli is a cute rock type Pokemon in Pokemon SV that looks like a salt crystal. Here is how to find it and catch it.

Nacli is a new addition to the Pokemon series with the release of 9th-gen Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. It looks like a small salt crystal and is an early-game Pokemon. This makes Nacli quite easy to catch in Pokemon SV.

If you want to add this new cute rock-type Pokemon to your party, let us show you how to catch it in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Nacli location in Pokemon SV

nacli location on the map in Pokemon SV

As is evident from its looks, Nacli can easily be found in rocky areas and mountains, hopping around as a small piece of rock-salt.

The most ideal place to find it early on in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet would be South Province Area 3. Spawn and look around the rocks, and you should find this Pokemon easily. If it doesn’t spawn, leave and return again.

You can also try out the cliffs of West Province (area 1) near the West Paldean Sea.

How to catch a Nacli

Before starting a fight with Nacli, throw a Pokeball at it to gain an advantage. Being a Rock-type, it is weak to Fighting, Ground, and Steel-type moves. So, you should consider bringing a Pokemon with these move types in combat. Make sure not to deal too much in the fight as it is quite weak. Once its health is low, throw a Pokeball to capture it.

This rock-type Pokemon mainly has two abilities Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. One is Purifying Salt, which protects from the damages taken by Ghost-type moves. The second is Sturdy, which allows it to survive even after taking a single knock-out damage shot.

Nacli Abilities and Stats 

In addition to having these abilities, Nacli also possesses brilliant base stats having a collective value of 280. 

  • HP 55 
  • Attack 55 
  • Defense 75 
  • Special Attack 35 
  • Special Defense 35 
  • Speed 25 
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