Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Math Answers

No one likes math, even in games. Unfortunately during your time at the Naranja Academy in Pokemon SV, math is one of the subjects you will have to study and given exams for. During the math class in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you will learn about the damage output of a Pokemon type on others and the cost calculation of different items.

Once the math class is over, the teacher will also ask you some MCQs that you need to answer correctly to pass the exam. You have to give the midterm and final term exams to pass the math subject in Pokemon SV.

Just like the other subjects, passing the math midterm in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet requires 3 correct answers while the final exam requires four correct answers.

Math midterm exam answers

Question: How much damage does Water Gun do when it hits a Fire-type Pokemon

Answer: Double Damage

Question: How much damage does Razor Leaf do when it hits a Fire-type Pokemon?

Answer: Half Damage

Question: If you spend $2,000 on as many $200 Poke Balls as possible, how many would you get?

Answer: Eleven

Question: What percent chance does a Pokemon usually have to land a Critical Hit?

Answer: About 4%

Question: How much damage does a move deal with it lands a Critical Hit?

Answer: One-and-a-half times as much

Math final exam answers

Question: How many Great Balls could you purchase for $3,000 if each one costs $600

Answer: Five

Question: If a Water-type Pokemon move with a power of 100 lands a critical hit on a Grass-type Pokemon, what will the move’s power be?

Answer: 75

Question: Under normal conditions, what percent chance does Stone Edge have to land a critical hit?

Answer: About 12 percent

Question: If a Pokemon uses Sword Dance twice to boost its Attack by four stages, how much damage will its physical moves then do?

Answer: Triple Damage

Question: If a Rock-type Pokemon whose Tera type is Rock Terastallizes, what will the power of its Rock-type moves be multiplied by?

Answer: 2

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