Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Home Economics Answers

While studying at the Naranja Academy in Pokemon SV, you will attend different classes, including Home Economics. The Home Economics class will teach you the effects of different meals and powers in Pokemon SV.

Once the class is over, the teacher will also ask you some MCQs that you need to answer correctly to pass the exam. You have to give the midterm and final term exams to pass the exam of Home EC subject in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

To pass the Home Economics Midterm Exam in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you must answer three questions correctly. For the final term exam, if you don’t answer at least four questions correctly, you will fail the exam.

We have prepared this guide to give you the answers to all the Home EC midterm and final term questions so that you can pass the exam easily.

Home Economics midterm exam answers

Question: Which is not an effect of a picnic meal?

Answer: Increasing speed

Question: Which of the following affects the kind of Meal Power received from a particular meal

Answer: Fillings and condiments.

Question: Which of these Berries can restore a Pokemon’s HP?

Answer: Oran Berry

Question: Leandro wanted his Pokemon to decide on its own when to use an item in battle, so he gave it an Oran Berry. This will work as he hopes.

Answer: True

Question: If a move runs out of PP, it can no longer be used. If a Pokemon runs out of PP for all of its moves, it can only sit there in frustration.

Answer: False

Home Economics final exam answers

Question: Which of the following Meal Powers makes it easier to come across Shiny Pokemon?

Answer: Sparkling Power

Question: Which of the following is NOT an effect of Egg Power?

Answer: It helps hatch strong Pokemon.

Question: What is a simple yet important tactic for increasing the effectiveness of Meal Powers?

Answer: Make food with others

Question: What is the correct action to take when your adorable Pokemon become dirty?

Answer: Pokemon Wash

Question: This is a question about academy rules. Should you change your uniform tops and bottoms to properly match each season?

Answer: It doesn’t matter.

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