How To Get Destiny Knot In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

There are all kinds of items in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet that can help with in-game mechanics. The Destiny Knot in Pokemon SV is an item that helps in Pokemon breeding where the baby Pokemon will get Five IVs from its parents.

If you’re trying to breed the perfect Pokemon, then the destiny Knot will help a lot. But where are you supposed to get Destiny Knot from in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet? Allow us to help out.

Pokemon SV Destiny Knot location

There is no known location from where you can simply pick up a Destiny Knot as a reward. However, you can buy Destiny Knots from the Delibird Presents store for ₽20,000.

You can find the Destiny Knot in the Battle Items section. Different stores have different inventories, so look around Paldea to find the Destiny Knot. The Delibird store in Mesagoza is stocked with Destiny Knots all the time.

Note that you have to gradually progress the game before the Destiny Knot is available in the stores. You have to get at least four gym badges before heading to the Delibird store in Mesagoza. The Destiny Knot is then available for 20,000P.

If you plan to breed and hatch eggs, then this is a great item to buy early on in the game. The breeding process is slightly different in the new Scarlet and Violet where you need to start a picnic to start breeding two Pokemon

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