Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Biology Answers

We have prepared this guide to give you the answers to all the midterm and final term questions of Biology in Pokemon SV to nail the exam.

While studying at the Naranja Academy in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you will attend different classes: Biology. During the Biology class, you will learn things like warming up eggs and letting Pokemon out of Poke Balls in Pokemon SV.

The biology class is presided over by Mr. Jacq, who was once a researcher before teaching. Once the biology class ends, the teacher will also ask you some MCQs you need to answer correctly to pass the exam. You have to give the midterm and final term exams to pass the exam of Biology subject in Pokemon SV.

We have prepared this guide to give you the answers to all the midterm and final term questions of Biology in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet so that you can pass the exam easily.

Biology regular class answers

The following questions will be asked during the classes. One question will be asked per class. There are 6 classes, so you must answer 6 of these questions. They will not affect your midterm or final exam grade, so if you get it wrong, there is nothing to worry about. Still, we have included the answers to these questions to make you stand out as an exceptional genius in your class; 

Question: Where is it that you shouldn’t have your Pokemon walk along with you? 

Answer: Inside Buildings. 

Question: What are Pokemon born from

Answer: Eggs. 

Question: How can you catch Pokemon more efficiently? 

Answer: Inflict them with a status effect. 

Question: What button should you press to cancel the evolution of a Pokemon? 

Answer: B-button. 

Question: What is the name of the Pokemon that inhabits your phone? 

Answer: Rotom 

Biology midterm exam answers

Question: What button would you use to let a Pokemon out of its ball

Answer: ZR Button

Question: Combine one letter and one number below to correctly say when and where eggs are found

Answer: A-2

Question: Which is an effective way to warm up eggs

Answer: Walking

Question: What will not make Pokemon easier to catch

Answer: Giving them a Berry

Question: What makes it easier to catch Pokemon of higher levels

Answer: Gym Badges

Biology final exam answers

Question: How many of the following four methods make it easier to catch Pokemon

Answer: Two

Question: True or false? You can get a new Pokemon only by catching them yourself or trading with other Trainers.

Answer: False

Question: If a Pokemon is holding an Everstone, will using an item that induces Evolution, such as a Fire Stone, cause it to evolve?

Answer: No, it won’t

Question: What is the probability of running into a Shiny Pokemon?

Answer: 1 in 4,000

Question: True or false? The Pokemon known as Oricorio has three forms

Answer: False

Biology Class Rewards

The Biology class rewards can be obtained once you have passed both the midterm and final exams. You will need to answer atleast three questions in the midterm exam and four correct in the final exams to pass these exams. Each exam comes with rewards of its own which are listed below; 

  • Passing each Midterm exam will grant you five EXP. Candy S. 
  • Passing each Final exam will grant you five EXP. Candy M. 
  • Passing all five Final exams will grant you five EXP. Candy L. 
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