Best Place To Find Assault Vest In Pokemon SV

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, an assault vest is a defense-boosting item that Pokemon can hold. This Assault Vest, when...

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, an assault vest is a defense-boosting item that Pokemon can hold. This Assault Vest, when held by a Pokemon, increases their defense by 50%.

Players mostly have a tank in their team because of its aggressive nature. While it can throw significant damage, it’s essential to take care of its defense capabilities. Therefore, Assualt Vest can be handy in that regard.

Assault Vest, with its defense-boosting advantage, also has a disadvantage to the other side. The disadvantage of using an Assault vest is that it restricts players to certain moves, and players can only perform damaging attacks. But as it has already increased defense significantly, that won’t be a great deal.

In this Pokemon SV guide, we will delve into the details of the Assault Vest and explain how players can equip this excellent defense item in the game.

Pokemon SV Assault Vest locations

Players can get the Assault Vest from one of the following two locations:

  • Delibird Shop
  • Porto Marinada Town

Let’s get into the details of these Locations one by one.

Delibird Shop

The Delibird Shop is in Mesagoza to the northwest of the town. All that players have to do to equip Assualt Vest through this method is go to the shop, spend the currency, and get it.

However, players can only get assault vests from the Delibird Presents shop in the late game. The Assualt Vest costs fifty thousand, which is way too much. A player can only have this much money when he has advanced much in the game.

We will not recommend this method because of two reasons. One is you have to wait a lot for the Assault vest, and second, you must spend so much of the currency you earned throughout the Pokemon SV.

Porto Marinada

The second location where players can find Assualt Vest is Porto Marinada. Once players have reached Porto Marinada from a lighthouse building, they need to head towards a garage-looking building with a Delibird Presents sign on it. It is the Delibird Presents Warehouse.

Go to the back of the Warehouse, and you will find a red beam at the fence near the cliff. That beam indicates an item to be picked. That is the assault vest that players are looking for. Therefore, this is a much cheaper method to get an assault vest.

This was all about the Assault vest and how players can find this defense-boosting item in Pokemon SV. Hoping that you folks find it helpful, let’s get ready for the attack.

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