Pokemon Sun and Moon Pokedex Comes to Life, Changes How You Play

The new Pokemon Sun and Moon Pokedex has a personality of its own, it talks to you and can even bring a change to the way you play.

There is a new personality of the Pokemon Sun and Moon Pokedex, if you watched the video update yesterday, you would also have seen it alongside the entire Alola region map.

As revealed by the developers, the new Pokedex is going to act like a character itself, by fusing it with the Rotom, Game Freak have not only given us another in-game feature but also changed the way you play the game.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Pokedex Marries A Rotom

During the second information update of Pokemon Sun and Moon that came yesterday, The Pokemon Company had revealed a new personality of the Pokedex. The video that they released also had our first official details on how the Rotom imbues with the Pokedex:

It is the next generation of Pokedexes, but it is only complete once Rotom has gone into this body specially developed for it (showing the body on screen). A whole new way for people and Pokemon to communicate. Woo!

What this does to change how you play the game is by giving you a chatty partner that adds a new gameplay feature: you will be able to ask the Pokedex to tell you where to go next.

While this is steps appears to be directed at helping newcomers settle well within the world, it is also a feature that returning fans of the game might found useful at times.

Game Freak has been trying to add variety to the game with also trying to ensure that the core experience of Pokemon games is retained. It will be these subtle (or not so subtle) changes like the new personality of Pokemon Sun and Moon Pokedex, and introduction to new gameplay that the developers will use to keep things fresh.

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