Pokemon Sun and Moon to Feature Over 10 New Pokemon

According to the developers, Pokemon Sun and Moon are going to bring you more than 10 new Pokemon to catch; which ones are they going to be?

There are a number of things that we are expecting to see in Pokemon Sun and Moon, like mega evolutions for Totodile, Cyndaquil, Chikorita and more, and a video footage one of these days. But until now we didn’t know how many new Pokemon to expect.

However, at the latest Gathering at the Pokémon House episode, a number of developers were sitting together discussing the games when it was revealed that there will be more than 10 new Pokemon in Sun and Moon games.

This was revealed by composer and director Junichi Masuda, game designer and programmer Shigeki Morimoto, and game designer Shigeru Ohmori while talking about the upcoming twin releases.

The sad part in all this is that Gathering at the Pokémon House will feature new footage of the game as previously reported, but we will get that another time.

For now, we are all pumped up to figure out which new Pokemon the game will get and how they will add to the gigantic pool that we already can catch.

That being said, we have also been speculating about the top 8 things that we will definitely like to change in Pokemon Sun and Moon, while also mourning the three changes that are definitely not going to happen.

No more details are available no the new Pokemon that we are going to get in POkemon Sun and Moon so far, but we will surely update you as soon as any confirmation and/ or leak comes up.

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