(Update) Official Website Leaks Pokemon Sun and Moon Starter Final Evolutions

Pokemon Sun and Moon Starter Final Evolutions may have been leaked by the official website for the game. Here's what we found.

Update: We have found circulating different social media channels showing all evolutions of all three Starter Pokemon. Credibility of this image out there, nothing to confirm nor deny that this image is fake.

Pokemon Sun and Moon

However, it looks fake as most of the fan art you see online stick to the original concept a little too much while the actual evolution changes the design a whole lot. Same is the case with this image you see above.

Original Story: Pokemon Sun and Moon Starter final evolutions may have been leaked if some newly found suggestive evidence from its official Japanese website is to be believed.

Rowlet, Litten and Popplio have their very own biography pages and YouTuber pdwinnall was able to dig through page sources to find upcoming icons that will be uploaded later on. They suggest that Pokemon Litten evolution is going to be Fire-Ground, Popplio evolution is Water-Fighting type, while Rowlet who is the most liked Pokemon is going stay a grass-flying as its type isn’t going to change.

Here’s pdwinnall’s video explaining his findings in detail.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Starter Final Evolutions

The three starter Pokemon Grass- and Flying-type Pokémon Rowlet, Fire-type Litten, and Water-type Popplio aren’t the only ones being discussed since the reveal of the first trailer. The Japanese Cororo video showed another Pokemon which we believe could be a new addition to the game.

Meanwhile, Cororo magazine is teasing new information which could turn out to be a confirmation for the evolutions discussed in the video above.

Breaking down the original trailer gave us plenty of information regarding Starter Pokemon, two legendaries from Sun and Moon and the new region we’ll be exploring. However, we are yet to see their evolutions in action but it shouldn’t be long now.

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Pokemon Sun and Moon will release on November 18 in Japan and North America, and will be coming out in Europe on November 23.

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