Pokemon Sun and Moon Festival Plaza Guide – Online Battles, Pokemon Trading, Plaza Festivals, Missions

Pokemon Sun and Moon Festival Plaza Guide to help you participate in online battles, training, EV training, and an array of other activities.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Festival Plaza Guide to help you participate in online battles, training, EV training, and an array of other activities.

In addition to these features, you can also earn Festival Coins and use them in order to dye your white clothing. In order to reach the Festival Plaza, you first need to reach the Pokemon Center in Hau’oli City and access it from the Main Menu.

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Pokemon Sun and Moon Festival Plaza Guide

After you access the Festival Plaza, you are greeted by Trial Captain Sophocles who walks you through various features of the Festival Plaza.

In our Pokemon Sun and Moon Festival Plaza Guide, we have discussed everything you need to know about Festival Plaza in the game.

Getting Started

There are multiple things that you gain access to after reaching the Festival Plaza for the first time. This section details all those things:

  • Woman on LHS – Summons Guests
  • PC on RHS – Generates GameSync ID
  • Purple Icon – Change Greetings and Responses
  • Man on Far RHS – Rearranges Festival Plaza Facilities
  • Yellow Icon – Brings up the List of Guests, Appearing as NPCs
  • Woman on RHS – Provides Festival Tickets and Missions, After Reaching Rank 4

Do note that ‘Friends’ and ‘Guests’ can be registered as VIPs after which they appear at the front of the Festival Plaza.

Festival Plaza Facilities

As mentioned earlier, there are multiple Festival Plaza Facilities including EV Training, Clothing Dye, Training, etc. Most of these facilities require you to use Festival Coins. However, there are some like Lottery Shops which you can use for free – once per day.

Festival Coins and Festival Tickets

After heading inside the Festival Plaza, speak with the woman on the right-hand side to acquire Festival Tickets – x3 per day. Festival Tickets, in Pokemon Sun and Moon, are required to host Festival Plaza Missions after hitting Festival Plaza Rank 4.

Apart from the woman, Festival Tickets can also be acquired by ranking up and from using certain Festival Plaza Facilities.

Festival Coins, on the other hand, are required to use services and goods offered by the Festival Plaza. Not only this, but the Festival Coins also determine your Festival Plaza Rank.

In order to acquire Festival Coins, you need to complete Festival Plaza Missions, interact with Guests, complete Wonder Trades, etc.

Festival Plaza Ranks

Festival Plaza Ranks, in Pokemon Sun and Moon, go till Level 10. In order to increase your Festival Plaza Rank, you need to earn Festival Coins. We currently have no information as to how many Festival Coins you need to rank up.

  • Festival Plaza Rank 2 – Pearl and an Extra Facility
  • Festival Plaza Rank 4 – Host and Participate in Missions
  • Festival Plaza Rank 8 – Ask Guests About Shops and Purchase Them
  • Festival Plaza Rank 10 – Asks Guests About Their Clothes and Purchase Them

Festival Plaza Missions

As mentioned earlier, after reaching Festival Plaza Rank 4, you should be able to host and participate in Festival Plaza Missions. There is a fistful of missions which you can complete to earn Festival Coins.

  • Language Lessons – Talk to People in Their Desired Language
  • Type Matchup Tests – Requires You to Guess the Type Which is Super-Effective Against Your Guest’s Type
  • Find Type Enthusiasts – Find Guests in the Plaza Who Are Talking About a Pokemon That Corresponds to the Current Theme

Festival Plaza Trading

Link Trade
This allows you to request a trade with one of your online friends or Festival Plaza Guests.

Global Trade System
This allows you to put up your Pokemon for trade and receive Pokemon from players all around the world. If you are looking for version-exclusive Pokemon and different Starter Pokemon, this is the way to go.

Wonder Trade
This allows you to select a Pokemon to trade and receive one from a random partner anywhere in the world.

Festival Plaza Battles

Link Battle
This basically allows you to challenge Festival Plaza guests or online friends.

Free Battle
This allows you to battle a random player from anywhere in the world.

Rating Battle
This is sort of a Rank Battle with the outcome of the battle affecting your Trainer Rank.

Online Competition
This allows you to register at the Pokemon Global Link and participate in a tournament for exclusive rewards.

Friendly Competition
This allows you to organize a tournament for your friends with your custom set of rules.

This is all we have on Pokemon Sun and Moon Festival Plaza Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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