Report: Pokemon Stars In Development For Nintendo 3DS

With the launch of Nintendo Switch one would assume that Nintendo will focus on developing its first-party titles for the hybrid console, however, it seems that the company still intends to support Nintendo 3DS. Previously a rumour suggested that Pokemon Stars is the Sun and Moon port for Switch but, now a new rumour has emerged suggesting that is a 3DS title.

Game Freak, the primary developer of the Pokémon series for Nintendo is currently looking for developers to work on a “3DS level RPG” and according to Eurogamer, it is most likely a Pokemon title. Given that rumours regarding Pokemon Stars have been popping up for past months it seems that it might be in development for 3DS instead of Nintendo Switch.

It is important to mention that it is just a rumour and take it as a grain of salt until Nintendo officially announced Pokemon Stars for 3DS. However, it would make sense for Nintendo to develop a brand new Pokemon title for Nintendo Switch that would take full advantage of the console’s hardware.

Source: Eurogamer

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