Pokemon Quest Shiny Pokemon Guide – How To Catch Shiny Pokemon, Cooking Recipes

With the help of our Pokemon Quest Shiny Pokemon Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about getting your hands on Shiny Pokemon in the recently released Pokemon Quest.

In the latest Pokemon game for Nintendo Switch that launched quite recently, Pokemon Quest Shiny Pokemon make an appearance and seeing as how rare they are, we’d figure you’d need help getting one.

Follow Pokemon Quest Shiny Pokemon Guide to get to this special type of Pokemon in Pokemon Quest.

Pokemon Quest Shiny Pokemon

Hours after the official launch of the game on Nintendo Switch (comes later on mobile devices), fans have discovered and posted sightings of Shiny Pokemon including a shiny green Spearow and a dull green colored Zubat.

These Shiny Pokemon are special variants of the original Pokemon and are considered the ‘Legendary’ type.

Although more about collection than bonuses, these Pokemon come in all sorts of weird and unique colors complimentary of the normal ones.

To get these, you need to follow some a simple procedure. What you can do is use your Base Camp and attract Shiny Pokemon via the cooking recipes.

You will need to tap into the cooking pot and put in all the five ingredients. Wait for the meal to be fully cooked or accelerate the process via the use of PM Tickets.

Once the meal is cooked, chances are you are going to be encountering a Pokemon of the rare breed, a shiny one. If not, continue with the process and eventually, you will come across one.

Pokemon Quest, unlike the previous entries, has a much higher chance of showing up so you will eventually get there, do not worry!

This is all we have in our Pokemon Quest Shiny Pokemon Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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