Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Wonder Mails Guide

Learn all about the newly added Wonder Mail system in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX and what rewards it holds for you with our guide

Wonder Mails are a type of E-Mails in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series. These Mails are really fun to play with as they provide you with new missions and new rewards. In this Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Wonder Mails Guide, we’ve given all the information you need about these Mails and how you can use them for receiving rewards.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Wonder Mails

Wonder Mails are a new addition to the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series. This feature allows players the advantage to connect with their fellow players.

For further rescues and mission, Wonder Mail gives you a set of new passwords. All Wonder Mails have their own unique rewards.These rewards are received by visiting the given locations.

Unpredictability is what makes this feature so fun because you never know when a Wonder Mail can send you to recruit an exclusive Pokemon. Other than that, these mails also allow you to enter bonus Dungeons and unlock additional Friend Zones.

How to Use Wonder Mail Codes
Now, let’s talk about the usage of these Mails. You can use them after you input a Wonder Mail code (found on the main menu).

After the input is done successfully, the game will launch and you’ll receive a new mission. Keep in mind that the mission you receive, comes once after saving and you can’t use them again on the same file.

That’s not all! You can also share these Mails with your fellow players by writing down a new set of codes. You can find these codes at the bottom of every rescue.

Once done, you’re friends will input the codes and have a Wonder Mail of their own.

Below are some of the Wonder Mail codes known so far and the rewards they offer


  • Thunderbolt


  • Brutal Swing

QXW5MMN – Friendly Set

  • 3x Rare Quality Orb
  • 3x Inviting Orb
  • 1x Wigglytuff Orb


  • Bulldoze


  • Flamethrower


  • Shadow Ball


  • Leech Life


  • Energy Ball


  • Smart Strike


  • Waterfall


  • Ice Beam


  • Focus Blast


  • Mareep’s Special Request

8QXR93P5 – Gift from Graveler

  • 40x Geo Pebble
  • 40x Gravelerock
  • 20x Golden Fossil


  • Smoochum’s Special Request

XT498SP7 – Move Strengthening Set

  • 2x Power Drink
  • 2x Accuracy Drink
  • 2x PP-Up Drink

25QQTSCR – Powerful Ribbon Set

  • 1x Power Band
  • 1x Defense Scarf
  • 1x Gold Ribbon

95R1W6SJ – Magical Ribbon Set

  • 1x Special Band
  • 1x Zinc Band
  • 1x Gold Ribbon

0R7910P7 – Physical Boost Set

  • 2x Life Seed
  • 2x Carbos

H8PJTWF2 – Lovely Seed Set

  • 3x Heal Seed
  • 2x Reviver Seed

3R62CR63 – Useful Berry Set

  • 5x Rawst Berry
  • 5x Chesto Berry
  • 2x Tiny Reviver Seed

45QSPHF4 – Cacnea Collection

  • 40x Cacnea Spike
  • 40x Cacnea Spike
  • 40x Cacnea Spike

SFSJWK0H – Hard Times Set

  • 3x Helper Orb
  • 2x Revive All Orb

H6W7K262 – Special Gummi Sample

  • 2x DX Gummi

Y6493N3S – Barrier Gift

  • 3x Foe-Hold Orb
  • 5x Foe-Seal Orb

7FW627CK – Predicament Gift

  • 5x Slumber Orb
  • 5x Totter Orb

WJNTY478 – Support Gift

  • 5x Evasion Orb
  • 5x Evasion Orb

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