Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Best Pokemon Tier List

In this guide we have compiled some of the best Pokemon in Mystery Dungeon DX in a tier list which you can use to decide which one is for you

This list is about the Pokemon which you should include in your team in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Best Pokemon Tier List is basically based on their accessibility, stat growth, and their useable moves. Moving further on it is further organized into 4 classes namely “S, A, B and C”.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Best Pokemon Tier List

Pokemon mentioned here are based on their ease of access, stat growth and useable moves of Pokemon.

So let us start having look at the Pokemon according to their

S Tier Pokemon

We all know Alakazam is the third and the maximum evolved form of Abra, a Psychic Type Pokemon. He has one of the highest stats in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon roster. It is one to best Pokemon to use for late dungeon gamers.

However its stat per growth is not really high. Other than that Alakazam has useful moves such as Teleport, Recover, Psybeam etc. but lacking in AoE (Area of Effect) attacks. It is more capable of hitting enemies one by one.

Crobat is the final evolved form of Zubat which is a Dark-Flying type Pokemon. It has very high stats overall and will be very useful in most of the Dungeon scenarios. The only negative side of this Pokemon is that its stat growth early is relatively slow compared to others.

Crobat’s Wing Attack move matches with its type, making the move extremely lethal against most of the enemies especially against Bug type Pokemon.

Couple Screech’s decreases the defense of other Pokemon and following another move with Wing Attack you will be able to deal extremely high burst damage even without a same-type match bonus.

A Tier

Ursaring move like Earthquake is a great way to take down multiple ground type Pokemon’s not the flying type ones. Though it may also cause some damage to allies too. Ursaring is the evolved form of Teddiursa which is a Normal-Ground type Pokemon.

Stats wise its overall performance does not stand out aside from its Attack and Special Attack. Because of its traits this Pokemon will be able to gain additional damage bonuses and will be able to perform higher than its base stats.

Its Sleep move can also sustain its health pool to take more damage if needed.

One of the most famous Pokemon. It is the final evolved form of Charmandar and is a Flying-Fire Type Pokemon. It is available as a starter Pokemon in the beginning of the game.

Because of its stats growth and availability of the moves, makes it a strong choice to keep it in your team as a single and multiple target damage dealer.

It has number of moves like Fire Blast, Seismic Toss, Flamethrower, Heat Wave etc. For example the move Heat Wave, AoE move will change its features depending on whether the Charizard is in a corridor or a room.

It has a massive area of effect, easily taking care of multiple targets at a single time.


It has a number of moves like Razor Leaf, Vine Whip, Solar Beam, Sleep Powder etc. For instance, if you are able to get Bullet Seed TM (Technical Machine) you will be able to come up with a powerful combo by linking it with a support move such as Sleep Powder which you will be able to get if after leveling up.

This seed combo will be its trump card when facing tougher opponents, although it does depend on you getting the TM in the first place. Venasaur is the final evolved form of Bulbasaur which is the Ground-Grass Type Pokemon.

Venusaur’s stat growth is relatively slow until reaching the level 50 range after which it will continue to grow exponentially. It performs well late game, being very easy to use in multiple scenarios depending on your team composition.

It has electric moves like Thuderbolt, Spark, Charge, Lock-on etc. Magneton is extremely effective against Water-Type Pokemon.

For example, as using the move Lock-on, its attack will not miss and linking it with Thunderbolt it will be able to damage massively.

Magneton is the evolved form of Magnemite which is the Steel-Electric Type Pokemon which is found in Mt.Steel. It learns various moves that can be very helpful as a support and a distance attacker. Its stat growth is also consistent throughout the period.

Another move like Sonic Boom, available to learn by leveling Magneton has a very long range and a fixed damage per hit. It also has a 100% chance of hitting the target in range. Making Sonic Boom one of the most powerful moves in the Mystery Dungeon.


Blastoise is the final evolved form of Squirtle which is a Ground-Water Type Pokemon. It has one of the top tier DEF values and this Pokemon can be used as a mean to tank enemy damage in certain situations. 

It has number of moves like Rapid Spin, Protect, Hydro-Pump, Bubble, Metal Claw etc. Its water type attack moves like Hydro-Pump is highly effective against Rock and Fire Type Pokemon’s putting a massive damage on them.

Because of the Hard Shell on its back and a move like Protect can even further amplify its DEF capabilities than its base DEF stats.

It mostly has Dark and Ghost Type moves such as Shadow Ball, Curse, Hypnosis, Night Shade etc. being effective against all type of Pokemon’sGastly is a Ghost/Poison-type Pokemon which is comparatively easy to acquire.

Gastly has multiple moves to bring chaos to your enemies while also having the passive trait to be able to bypass walls. Its growth rate is slow compared to others.

Gastly also has surprisingly high amounts of compatible TM moves, allowing it to be tailored to whatever your preferred role in your Team is.

Some examples include the long-range move Sludge Bomb, the life leaching move Giga Drain, etc.

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