Pokemon Masters Evolution Guide – Requirements, Mega Evolutions

The new Pokemon Masters brings new changes to combat and Evolution is changed a bit too. This guide will contain all the details there are for evolving a Pokemon and new moves that your pokemon acquire at Evolution.

Pokemon Masters Evolution

The game consists of basically two types of Evolutions which are the regular Evolution and Mega Evolution.

Evolution basically just requires your Pokemon to reach a certain level. For example, some Pokemon requires Level 30 at which point you will get an Evolution Mission.

You will need an Evolution shard to undertake the mission. Upon finishing the mission your Pokemon will be evolved and thus bringing upon itself an increase in stats.

After this Evolution, you will now have to reach a new Level requirement to evolve your Pokemon further if possible. You can exchange 1000 coins for a bundle of 5 Evolution shards up to two times.

After the Level 30 Level requirement there is a Level 45 requirement for most Pokemon and the basis for the Evolution are exactly the same.

Some Pokemon might have Level 2 Evolution as their last and some might have Level 3 as their last. The final Evolution grants a Pokemon a brand new Sync Move for its Sync Pair. Sync Moves are very powerful moves in the game.

Some Pokemon in the game can undergo Mega Evolutions. These powerful Pokemon can undergo Mega Evolution but not from turn 1 of the battle.

This Evolution can be done as part of their Sync Move. Mega Evolution increases stats considerably and slightly changes the Pokemon’s move set.

Mega Evolved Pokemon are very powerful in battle and can be used very efficiently. They are very good in long-drawn battles.

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