Pokemon Let’s Go Secret Techniques Guide – How to Learn

Our Pokemon Let's Go Secret Techniques Guide will help you learn all about all the new secret game mechanics introduced in the game.

Our Pokemon Let’s Go Secret Techniques Guide includes all the Secret Tactics used in Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee and Pikachu and Eevee. These techniques include surfing, chopping down trees, and more.

Pokemon Let’s Go Secret Techniques

Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee Secrets Techniques are newly introduced replacing the old HMs. Only your Starter Pokemon can learn these secret tactics.

There are many Pokemon in the game who are Rideable and can use similar abilities. You can find a complete list of these Pokemon in this Rideable Pokemon.

1. Chop Down

Chop Down is a technique you use to cut down trees in your path. Go to S.S Anne during the course of the main campaign and search for the Ship Captain.

You will need a ticket to enter S. S. Anne that you get during the story. Before talking to the Ship Captain, do every activity on the ship. The ship will leave the harbor and never come back.

2. Sky Dash

This technique allows you to revisit towns and places you have been to. It is a replacement of previously used HM Fly.

Go to Caledon City and look for the Gaming Corner of the city. In the gaming sector, find the secret entrance to Team Rocket’s HQ, you will have to chop off a bush to enter it.

This is a dungeon and you will have to defeat its final boss Giovanni.

When you defeat the boss, come out of the dungeon and Gaming Corner. You will find a guy with Flying Machine when you leave the Gaming Corner.

You will find a reclusive Pokemon Trainer there. He will give you this ability in exchange for keeping the location a secret.

3. Sea Skim

You will be able to travel on water using this technique. This ability is learned inside the Safari Zone in Fuchsia City. You will find a man beside a surfboard and Lapras; he will teach you this ability to travel on water.

4. Light Up

Light Up allows you to get visibilities in the darker parts of the game. You get this when you exit Diglett’s Cave and go towards Vermillion City. In the way, you will notice a small hut with a man standing beside it.

Talk to the man who is Professor Oak’s assistant, he will take you to the cave and go through the basics of Light Up and when you complete the process, you will learn the ability.

5. Strong Push

Strong Push is a special technique that you can learn inside Fuchsia City. Using technique allows you to push rocks out of your way. Fuchsia City is located just a bit further on Route 15.

Go south of the Pokemon Center and you will find Team Rocket, they will give you a Gold Tooth. Now go to the Warden’s House in Pokemon Center by jumping down to the right.

When you give the Gold Tooth to the warden, he will teach you this ability.