Pokemon Let’s Go Outfits Unlocks Guide

Our Pokemon Let's Go Outfits Unlocks Guide details all you need to know about unlocking all costumes and customization for your character and Pokemon.

Want to unlock that new strict Police Officer set in Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee and Pikachu for Nintendo Switch? Alternatively, have your eyes set on the exclusive Eevee/Pikachu set so you can look the same as your Pokemon? Our Pokemon Let’s Go Outfits Unlocks Guide has been tailor-made for you.

Pokemon Let’s Go Outfits Unlocks

There are a lot of outfits to unlock in Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee and Pikachu. From the casual Sailor outfit to the sophisticated Formal Outfit, a lot of outfits to wear! These outfits offer both you, and your chosen starter Pokemon, different customization for the different body parts: head, torso, chest, and legs.

You can also equip different styles of bags for your Pokemon trainer. For your Pokemon, you can equip items for its head, body, tail, and back. Sounds pretty neat, right? Well, let us get onto it then! Let us unlock all the sets in the game and become the coolest Pokemon trainer there ever will be!


You can get the Sportswear Set by talking to the girl near the first bushes of the game, in Pallet Town. She will reward you a Sportswear Set for being a good friend with her little sibling! How nice of her.

Eevee/Pikachu Set

You can get the exclusive Pikachu set (If you are playing Pokemon Let’s Go, Pikachu!) or Eevee set (If you are playing Pokemon Let’s Go, Eevee!) by heading to the Vermilion City. You will find the city’s Fan Club in the area. Enter that building and talk to the old man on the sofa. He is the chairman of the club. He will reward you the exclusive Set for just being a good sport.


Sailor Set

The Sailor Set is in the same city as the Eevee/Pikachu Exclusive set: Vermilion City. Head south of the city and you will find the Vermilion Port. The S.S. Anna should be docked here. The good sailor who is guarding the ship will reward you with a Sailor Set for fun!

Formal Set

The most gentleman-ish set in the game “Formal Set” can be acquired by heading to the Lavender Town, and into the main spot here: Pokemon Tower. The ghost of a Marowak, which you might remember if you played any of the classics, haunts the Pokemon Tower.

Anyways, if you talk to the old lady sitting on the sofa, on the ground floor of the Lavender Town, she will give you a Formal Set. Such a nice lady, isn’t she?

Team Rocket Set

Head to Celadon City, and you will find the Game Corner Rocket Hideout in the corner. Jessie and James will tell you how if you are going here for the first time. This duo has not always been very bright.

Head into the secret Rocket Hideout and as soon as you enter the area, take a 90° turn and head straight. You will find a female Team Rocket Grunt here, near the boxes. Talk to her and she will gift you a Team Rocket Set.

Assistant Set

The Assistant Set can be obtained, only after you have collected 50 Pokemon! Once you have collected at least 50 Pokemon, head to Fuchsia City through the Route 15. If you are already in Fuchsia City, head west.

As soon as you enter the bridge thing, (I still do not know what it is called) head upstairs and you will find an enthusiastic young male Professor here. Talk to him and he will ask if you have collected 50 Pokemon. He will reward you with his own lab-coat! The lab-coat turns out to be a complete Assistant Set. Thanks, Prof.

Safari Set

You will need to find the Gold Teeth item first. If the game is similar to the old GBC classic, the Gold Teeth should be in the Safari. Head to the Warden’s Home: it will be right next to the local Pokemon Center. The Warden’s the fat guy in the room. Talk to him and he will reward you for your efforts, with a cool Safari Set.

Pokemon Let's Go Outfits Unlocks

Police Set

We all remember the beloved Officer Jenny, right? Ever wanted to be a Police Officer in Pokemon games without using hacks? Well, now’s your chance. You will find the Saffron City’s Officer Jenny right next to the city’s Pokemon Gym. Talk to her and she will understand your burning passion! She will reward you with a Police Set.

Pokemon Let's Go Outfits Unlocks

Blast Off Set

On the Pokemon Road, you will find Jessie and James pouting near the corner of the road. Talk to them and they will instantly want to battle you. Defeat them and they will try to recruit you over to their side. Of course, you will refuse, but James will gift you a Blast Off Set as a sort of bribery – which magically turns into a goodwill, huh.

Raichu and Eveeelutions Set

You can find this one is Vermillion City inside the fan club but before you can get them you need to get to the maximum bonding level with the pokemon you have. If you have that, then head to the Chairman of the club and he will give you the set

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