Pokemon Let’s Go Catch Combos Guide – XP Bonuses, Why Should You Use Catch Combos?

Our Pokemon Let's Go Catch Combos Guide will help you learn everything about Catch Combos, why should you use them, and XP bonuses that the combos provide.

Catch Combos are an important addition to the Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee and Pikachu series as they allow you to have better chances of getting *Rare Pokemon* as well as getting a host of other rewards. If you do not understand this system completely, fear not as our Pokemon Let’s Go Catch Combos Guide is here to help you.

Pokemon Let’s Go Catch Combos

Getting a Catch Combo is not that difficult. All you need to do is to ensure that you only get Pokemon of the same species.

Remember that when you start off, you should go for a Pokemon that is fairly common as you will easily be able to find the next Pokemon in the chain. Once you have done that, simply ignore any Pokemon of another species.

A different Pokemon will break your chain and you will have to start over.

After that, simply keep on catching the same species of the Pokemon. Another important thing to remember is that the Pokemon must not be allowed to run away, or your chain will break.

You can continue the streak in any place and fly anywhere you want while still keeping the streak alive.

Why Should I Use Catch Combos?

There are a slew of benefits that you get if you manage to get a Catch Combo going. Once you have a large enough combo, the Pokemon that you find will often have better stats.

The higher your Catch Combo is, the better the chance of finding a Pokemon with better stats.

Apart from that, there will also be an increased chance of rarer and evolved versions of the Pokemon spawning rather than just the basic ones.

You can travel wherever you like and find different species that are rare, eradicating the need to stay in a single area in order to find better Pokemon since they are only available there. Lastly, shiny Pokemon will also spawn in greater numbers.

Let us go ahead and look at some of the variants of the rewards that you get when your Catch Combo increases:

XP Bonuses

  1. New Pokemon: Finding a Pokemon of a new species increases your XP multiplier.
  2. Size Bonus: A large Pokemon or a small Pokemon also add points into your XP multiplier.
  3. First Throw Bonus: Catching a Pokemon on your first throw also increases the XP multiplier.
  4. Technique Bonuses: Using the Poke Ball plus motion control or the Joy-Con also gets you extra XP by increasing your multiplier.
  5. Combo Bonus: Catching the same kind of Pokemon in a row also adds to you XP multiplier. As stated above, the higher your combo, the more XP you get due to the multiplier.
  6. Good Throws: Any throw other than the standard one adds to your XP multiplier. The better the tier of the throw, the more points added to your multiplier. The normal throw has no extra points while the excellent one has the most.

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