Pokemon Legends Arceus The Trial of Lake Acuity Walkthrough

Pokemon Legends: Arceus has numerous main missions, and Trial of Lake Acuity is one of them. In order for the players to go forward in the game, they must complete these missions. In this Pokemon Legends Arceus walkthrough, we’ll walk you through the Trial of Lake Acuity and share some tips and tricks that will help you out. Let’s start.

Pokemon Legends Arceus The Trial of Lake Acuity

Trial of Lake Acuity is the sixteenth main mission in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. This mission involves you traveling to a few areas and taking part in a battle with Alpha Zoroark. We’ll walk you through this mission step by step.

Travel to Alabaster Icelands

First and foremost,  you need to travel to Alabaster Iceland. Simply go on your map and select the location. Now you need to head towards Lake Acuity, which is located towards the northern part.

As soon as you get here, you’ll meet Volo and Irida. Volo will let you know that the Pokemon Uxie protects Lake Acuity. He’ll elaborate that when Uxie took flight, the knowledge to solve problems was born in people’s minds.

Soon after this, your Arc Phone will start beeping, and the entrance to Acuity Cavern will unleash. Volo will be pretty impressed how Arc Phones can make the entrances to caves appear from thin air.

Battle Against Alpha Zoroark

Head inside the cave, and here you have it, the Alpha Zoroark. It’ll bring its presence to attention by a loud Kowowww and chill air. It’s time you battle!

Alpha Zoroark is a combination of Normal and Ghost-type; hence you should use Dark-type moves to weaken him. Use your best Dark-type Pokemon and moves like Crunch to quickly win the battle. Don’t use Ghost- and Psychic-type Pokemon as Alpha Zoroark knows his ways around them and will eat them in a battle.

Complete Uxie’s Trial

Once you’ve defeated Alpha Zoroark, Uxie will appear in the air. He’ll tell you that he will be testing your knowledge. Then, he’ll ask you one question, and you should be answering it correctly.

Question: Combee. Zubat. Unown. Magneton. Dusclops. How many are their eyes?
Answer: 60131

Uxie will express happiness with a Kyouuuun! And will give you the Uxie’s Claw. It is proof that you have completed the trial!

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