How to Get Research Points Fast in Pokemon Legends Arceus and Raise Research Level

This guide will cover how research levels in Pokemon Legends Arceus and how you can quickly increase your research levels.

Pokemon Legends Arceus is here and one of the new mechanics trainers will come across in the game is Research Level. In this guide, we will cover how you can increase the Research Level fast in Pokemon Legends Arceus and everything that you need to know about the research Level.

How to Raise Research Level Pokemon Legends Arceus

Objectives related to the individual Pokemon are known as Research Tasks. They are accessible through the Pokedex and help trainers gain more knowledge about a particular Pokemon.

By Completing Research Tasks, you gain Research Levels for the Pokemon that corresponds to the task completed. This level is shown on the Pokedex.

Research level in Pokemon Legends Arceus is used to determine the player’s Pokedex entry Progress. Each Pokemon has a separate Research level and the max limit for that is 10.

To raise the Research Level of a particular Pokemon, you need to complete its Research Tasks. Once you complete a task, you need to show your progress to Professor Laventon. He will update your progress on the Pokedex and raise the Research Level noted.

How do Research Levels Work?

The concept of research levels and checkmarks can be difficult to understand for beginners. You will get a checkmark for confirmation on the completion of a certain task. This checkmark means 1 research level.

You can find the Research Level of the specific Pokemon in the bottom right corner of the Pokedex.

Each Research task usually has more than one tier in its completion. For e.g., Catching a Wurmple once will checkmark one research box and give you one research level but if you catch three, you’ll checkmark the next box and get more research levels for it!

How is Research Level Calculated in PLA?

Players can calculate the research level of a specific Pokemon by calculating the number of checkmarks it has on its research page on the Pokedex.

Other than checkmarks, the number of tasks that carry symbol with 2 red arrows on the side. Count the checkmarks without red arrows as one and the ones with 2 red arrows are to be multiplied by 2. At the end add the total number of checkmarks to calculate the Research Level.

How to Get to PLA Research Level 10?

Reaching Research Level 10 in PLA for a specific Pokemon isn’t too hard as you don’t have to fulfill all the research tasks to do so. Simply Catching a certain Pokemon more than three times and battling it more than 6 times is enough for most Pokemon.

Some others might require evolution, so open up a slot for them in your party and wait or use a stone if they meet the requirement.

How to Get Research Points Fast in PLA

Players get research points when Pokedex entries are updated. Entries get updated as you complete the Research Tasks for each Pokemon and submit the report to Professor Laventon.

The more research tasks you complete, the faster you will gain research points. The points add up to increase your Star Rank which is needed to get Pokemon of higher levels to obey you and to get to other parts of the story.

What do the Red Arrows Next to Each task Mean?

You will see a symbol with 2 red arrows. The symbol with 2 red arrows on the side means that the checkmark will be doubled for that particular task. So, you’ll get double the research level for the tasks you complete with the Red Arrows Symbol.

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