How to Evolve Qwilfish in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Qwilfish is a dark and poison-type fish Pokemon found in the Hisui region of Pokemon Legends: Arceus. For those interested,...

Qwilfish is a dark and poison-type fish Pokemon found in the Hisui region of Pokemon Legends: Arceus. For those interested, the following guide will shed all the light needed on where to find and how to evolve Qwilfish in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Where to Find Qwilfish in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Qwilfish has traditionally been a water-type Pokemon but in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, the same critter has turned to the dark and poison side since you will be encountering the Hisuian form Qwilfish.

Qwilfish can be found in the water biomes of either Cobalt Coastlands or Obsidian Fieldlands in the game.

Cobalt Coastlands

Qwilfish spawns in a variety of locations along the Cobalt Coastlands. Tranquility Cove, Lucker’s Lair, and Islespy Shore are among some of the locations where Qwilfish has a higher probability to be seen.

Just go to any of the aforementioned locations and stroll around for a while. You will eventually come across them, after which you better capitalize on the opportunity and make a few catches.

Obsidian Fieldlands

Head to the Ramanas Island located in the region of Obsidian Fieldlands and look in the surrounding water bodies. Chances are that you will easily come across Qwilfish swimming around in the waters. Take your chances and capture this one-of-a-kind Pokemon.

How to Evolve Qwilfish

Pokemon Legends didn’t just see Qwilfish change its type. The game also grants Qwilfish the ability to evolve into Overqwil, a Pokemon of the dark and poison type.

However, evolving Qwilfish will not be as simple as the others. In order to achieve Overqwil, certain conditions must be met. Starting with using its signature move Barb Barrage in Strong Style.

This move must be used a total of 20 times. When you’ve successfully done so, the game will notify that Qwilfish is now ready to evolve into Overqwil.

How to optimize Qwilfish Evolution in PLA

Qwilfish learns and masters Barb Barrage at Level 15 and Level 25 respectively. If your Qwilfish is level 15 or higher and doesn’t have the Barb Barrage in its move-set, you can add it by selecting the ‘Change move’ option.

If you’re finding it hard to wait until Level 25, don’t fret. Simply go to the Jubilife Village Training Grounds and give Zisu a Seed of Mastery to learn the move sooner.

The feat of completing 20 Barb Barrage attacks appears simple on paper, but achieving the number is difficult. It’s because Barb Barrage only has 15 PP, which means you can only use the attack up to 7 times before needing to rest.

The Crimson Mirelands and Golden Lowlands are outstanding locations for the Qwilfish rampage. The Crimson Mirelands or Golden Lowlands are preferred because they provide suitable environments for the use of Barb Barrage attack.

Here, you can easily achieve the number of 20 Barb Barrage attacks while also completing several quests alongside.

Where to find Overqwil in PLA

If none of the aforementioned methods work for you, which is unlikely, don’t worry because you can catch an Overqwil directly in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Overqwil, unlike the other Pokemon, doesn’t spawn in the wilds of Hisuian areas since it is a rare spawn. However, you will need to confront an Alpha Overqwil during Request #15 The Trial of Lake Valor. As of now, this seems the only way to catch an Overqwil in the game.

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