Pokemon Legends: Arceus Pre Order Bonuses Guide

In this guide we’ve noted all the pre order bonuses for Pokemon Legends: Arceus so that you can claim some great extra goodies for the game

Pokemon Legends: Arceus looks to be the ambitious open-world take fans have been clamoring for. To further fuel the hype, many Pokemon goodies are available from various pre-order bonuses with an early purchase of the game. So, below we’ve noted all the pre-order bonuses for Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Pre Order Bonuses

Pokemon Legends: Arceus has different options for players to pick as their Pre Order bonuses. This completely depends on where you purchase the game from. Different Pre Order Bonuses are provided depending on if you buy the game from Pokemon Center, Amazon, GameStop and Nintendo eShop, along with a general pre-order bonus.

The following are the details of all the different pre-order bonuses you can get.

Early Purchase Bonus

All the players who buy the game before 10th May 2022 will get a Hisuian Growlithe Kimono costume set along with the Baneful Fox Mask.

This can be acquired through the Mystery Gift feature that becomes available after 2 hours into the game. Make sure you have a secure internet connection for this, a Nintendo Switch Online membership is not required.

How to Get Bonus for Nintendo eShop

Purchasing the digital version of Pokemon Legends: Arceus from Nintendo’s eShop before 10th May 2022 allows you to claim 30 heavy Balls in the game.

You will get a one-time only code for the bonus with your purchase. This code can be claimed until 9th May and is valid till 16th May.

How to Get Bonus for Gamestop

If you purchase the game through Gamestop, you get three art cards featuring the artwork of the game

How to Get Bonus for Amazon

By purchasing the game through Amazon, you get Garchomp Kimono costume set. Similar to all other amazon Purchases, your code for the pre-order bonus will be in the inbox of your Amazon Account.

How to Get Bonus for Pokemon Center

If you get your game directly from Pokemon Center, you get an exclusive Arceus Plushie. This may be delivered separately from the game so be ready for a little waiting.

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