Pokemon Go Stats Guide: Health, Attack, Defense, Power, Critchance, Best Pokemon for Each Stat

Pokemon Go stats guide to help you understand different stats of all available Pokemon in Pokemon Go to formulate your match-ups and counters.

Despite appearing seemingly simple, Pokemon Go has a depth to it especially when it comes to the combat system and Pokemon Go stats associated with different Pokemon.

However, you do not really jump into a battle at the very beginning of Pokemon Go. In order to do so, you must wait until you are at Trainer Level 5.

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Pokemon Go Stats Guide

Our Pokemon Go Stats Guide provides you with a complete sheet of stats including CP, HP, special attacks from all available Pokemon in the game.

Understanding Pokemon Go Stats

The first thing that you need to note is that there is no individual Pokemon level in the game. In place of Pokemon Level, there is a Trainer Level that enables players to catch better Pokemon.

The prowess of a Pokemon in the game is determined by two major Pokemon Go stats – Combat Points and Hit Points. CP or Combat Points essentially refers to how much damage a particular Pokemon can dish out during a battle and HP or Hit Points dictate how much damage can a Pokemon sustain before fainting.

Obviously, these are not the only things that you need to take care of as there is another important thing called Pokemon Type. There are a total of 17 Pokemon Types in Pokemon Go and all available Pokemon belong to one/two of these Pokemon Types.

Usually a Pokemon belongs to one Pokemon Type only, but there are some that belong to two Pokemon Types at the same time. Each of these types has unique weaknesses and strengths and can effectively counter one another.

For example, a Fire-Type Pokemon can counter Grass-Type Pokemon which can counter a Water-Type Pokemon that is effective against a Fire-Type Pokemon. You should be able to find numerous guide on the Internet on Pokemon Types counters and match-ups.

Pokemon Go Stats

Pokemon Hidden Levels
While there is no explicit individual Pokemon levelling in the game, each Pokemon has a hidden level.

The white semi-circle over a Pokemon in Stats Page shows its progress from minimum level to maximum level. Each time you Power Up a Pokemon, your Pokemon get a ½ level and some CP.

You must increase your Trainer Level in order to continue levelling up a Pokemon or it will hit a breakeven. Lastly, a Pokemon level cannot exceed Trainer Level.

Pokemon Moves
Every Pokemon in the game has two types of moves – a charge move that is slow, but deals more damage and a quick move that is fast, but deals less damage.

While executing a charge move, you will be able to see how much from the charge meter it requires! There is also Attack Speed which is higher for moves that deal less damage.

Lastly, if you use moves that are of same type as Pokemon-Type, it will deal x1.25 damage called Same-Type Attack Bonus or STAB.

Pokemon Hidden Stats
Every Pokemon has hidden stats including Attack, Defense, and Stamina. Each one has a Base Value determined by species and Individual Value ranging from 0 to 15 which is added on top of Base Value. In order to get your hands on the best Pokemon, you need maxed out IVs.

Pokemon Base Values and Individual Values
The Base Values for Attack, Defense, and Stamina are called from values of Attack, Defense, HP, Special Attack, and Special Defense from the games. The formulas go something like as follows.

  • Base Attack = 2 * [(Attack * Special Attack) ^ 0.5 + Attack Speed ^ 0.5)]
  • Base Defense = 2 * [(Defense * Special Defense) ^ 0.5 + Attack Speed ^ 0.5)]
  • Base Stamina = 2 * HP

When it comes to Individual Values, these are added on top of Base Values and is calculated using total CP multiplier.

  • Attack = (Base Attack + Individual Attack) * Total CP Multiplier
  • Defense = (Base Defense + Individual Defense) * Total CP Multiplier
  • Stamina = (Base Stamina + Individual Stamina) * Total CP Multiplier

CP Multiplier
Every Pokemon level has a CP multiplier associated with it! At every level, all your stats are boosted depending upon CP multiplier. Total CP multiplier is calculated by using Pokemon level and CP multiplier.

  • Total CP Multiplier = CP Multiplier + Additional CP Multiplier

How to Calculate CP
CP in Pokemon Go is determined by values for Attack, Defense, and Stamina by using the following formula.

  • CP = (Attack * Defense ^ 0.5 * Stamina ^ 0.5 * Total CP Multiplier ^ 2) / 10

As for CP per Power Up, you will need to the following formula in order to calculate it!

  • CP per Power Up = (Attack * Defense ^ 0.5 * Stamina ^ 0.5 * Half Difference of Squared Values) / 10

Pokemon Go Stats Chart

Now that we have basic things out of the way, we have a spreadsheet detailing stats including attack, defense, stamina, moves, special moves, and more.

The sheet also tells you which Pokemon Type a Pokemon belongs to so that you can think about your potential match-ups in more details! It is a good idea to refer to spreadsheet found here while trying to control a Pokemon Go Gym and formulate your Pokemon Go Teams based on it.

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This is all we have on Pokemon Go Stats Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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