Pokemon Go PokeStops Guide – PokeStops Locations, Where to Find, Lure Modules

Here's a complete Pokemon Go Pokestops guide to take you through using Pokestops, items you can get as well as using Lure Modules on them.

PokeBalls, Eggs and a number of other similar things are very important in Pokemon Go which is why you should know each and everything about Pokestops, the special buildings where you can get your hands on all such items and other Pokemon to catch.

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Pokemon Go PokeStops Guide

One could also call Pokestops free item drop areas which are represented on the map by blue markers, so now you know how to find them: just open up the map and see which blue circle with a PokeBall is closest you.

Tap on the image and you’ll know exactly where you need to go. Once you head to the place, keep in mind that Niantic has mostly used landmarks and monuments to represent Pokemon Go Pokestops.

Don’t worry even if you have gotten to the place and the game has still not picked you up, just get even more closer (on foot) and you’ll get recognized which is acknowledged by the Pokestop changing shape on your mobile.

Collecting Freebies From Pokemon Go Pokestops
Spin the photo disc in the circle that you can see in the middle and this will result in bubbles starting to fly off. The bubbles have the items that you will need to tap on them one by one to get each one of them added to your inventory.

This can usually get free PokeBalls, Great Balls, and Ultra Balls, potions and a number of other freebies, however, keep in mind that better items are going to be unlocked after your trainer has crossed level five.

Before level five you will only get PokeBalls and Pokemon Eggs, after which you stand the chance to get Revives, Potions and up to six PokeBalls that could include different types of them (Great Balls, Ultra Balls and so on).

Anyhow, once you have gotten the items the color of the Pokestop is going to change and become purple. This is where you can either decide to go to another Pokestop or wait for about five minutes and then hit the same Pokestop again.

Using Lure Modules
The Poke Shop is another feature of the game that you can visit to purchase items, in there are the Lure Modules. Lure Modules basically are a similar item to Incense and are used to lure in Pokemon just like them. However, there is one difference: Lure Modules can only be used by activating them at a PokeStop.

There also is another difference between a Lure Module and Incense. Unlike Incense, the Pokemon that are lured are visible to other players who are also in the area – the other players will be able to pick up the Lure Module on the map when they see pink petals being showered there. Moreover, these Pokemon will be lured into the Pokemon Go PokeStops for about 30 minutes.

Buying Lure Modules
Since Lure Modules are available only in the Poke Shops, the Pokemon Go players will have to buy them using PokeCoins, the in-game currency which is bought for real money.

As far as the pricing is concerned, spending 100 Pokecoins gets you one Lure Module while you can also buy them in bulk for a little bit of discount; eight Lure Modules can be bought for 680 Pokecoins.

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