How to Defeat Origin Forme Giratina in Pokemon Go

In our Pokemon Go Origin Forme Giratina guide, we will give you all the details, including its locations, strengths and best matchups.

In our Pokemon Go Origin Forme Giratina guide, we will give you all the details, including its locations, strengths, Origin Forme Giratina’s best matchups, and move sets in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go Origin Forme Giratina

This is a rare Pokemon, and it is available for only limited durations in Pokemon Go. Five-star raids typically have this Pokemon on rotation.

You cannot bring this Pokemon down alone, so you will need some other trainers as well.

The Origin Forme is the most powerful form among the 2 Fromes, the other Forme being the Altered Forme.

Like other Ghost and Dragon-type Pokemon, the Origin Forme Giratina also faces difficulty when it is put up against Dark, Dragon, Fairy, Ghost, and Ice-type Pokemon.

The Origin Forme Giratina can easily fight off Normal and Fighting-type Pokemon. It also has no problem dealing with Bug, Fire, Poison, Electric, Grass, and Water types.

Best Opponents
If you want to take down this legendary Pokemon, you will have to use an equally or more powerful Pokemon as well.

The Pokemon that can give the Giratina competition are; the Galarian Darmanitan, Zekrom, Mega Houndoom.

The Galarian Darmanitan is ideal for defeating the Origin Forme Giratina if it is the ice type version.

You should avoid the Fire-type version, which is a traditional Galarian but if you have hatched enough 7-kilometer eggs, you would be able to get it.

It Ice fang attack, avalanche, and ice punch would be great against the Giratina.

Next, we have the Electric-type Zekrom, which is a Dragon and also a Legendary Pokemon.

You would only be able to capture this Pokemon in a five-star raid. Its dragon breath, outrage, and crunch attacks make up a great move set.

In the end, we have the Mega Houndoom; a combination of fire and dark type evolved from the traditional Houndoom.

This clarifies that first, there is a definite need to do mega raids before you can fight the Origin Forme Giratina.

Snarl, Foul Play, and charge are great attacks in the Mega Houndoom’s move set.

These three are the best Pokemon to put up against the Origin Forme Giratina, but you can also use other Pokemon.

It would be a little harder to take it down with these Pokemon, but they will get the job done.

These are Dialga, Salamence, Garchomp, Rayquaza, Dragonite, Palkia, Darkrai, Hydreigon, Tyranitar, Togekiss, Mewtwo, Latios, and Weavile.

After taking out the Origin Forme Giratina, you will have to capture it from the limited Premier Balls you get.

This would be your chance to own this Pokemon; otherwise, you would need to attempt another five-star Origin Forme Giratina raid.

Giratina Moveset

The Origin Forme Giratina has an amazing move set, which makes it so desirable.

With a maximum CP of 3,683, defense of 187, attack of 225, and 284 stamina this Pokemon dominates most fights. Its moves are as follow:

Fast moves

Dragon Tail (Dragon-type): Causes 9 damage, uses3.3 energy per turn.

Shadow Claw (Ghost-type): Causes 6 damage uses 4 energy per turn.

Charged moves

Dragon Pulse (Dragon-type): Causes 90 damage uses 60 energy

Ominous Wind (Ghost-type): Causes 45 damage uses 45 energy

Shadow Ball (Ghost-type): Causes 100 damage uses 55 energy

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