Pokemon Go Increases Nintendo Shares By 86%, $17 Billion In Market Value

Pokemon Go has become a quite a cash cow for Nintendo as the game has helped in Nintendo's market shares to rise by 86%, which is $17 billion market value.

Pokemon Go has become is an absolute money maker for Nintendo, despite the fact that Nintendo only sees 10 percent of its profit. Profits aside, the game has increased Nintendo shares by 86%, which is $17 billion in the market value, for the past week.

Pokemon Go has broken the record for the most daily trading volume for a single product in Japan. Which simply means that its investor board is making a lot of money.

The sales of Pokemon Go itself are going very strong as the the game has reportedly earned $14 million through micro-transactions.

However, these numbers are sure to rise even more as the game has launched in Spain, Italy and Portugal. Also Niantic head John Nanke has said that the Pokemon game will be launching in 200 countries soon.

In related news, it’s been almost 2 weeks since the release of Pokemon Go, and TRNDlabs have already developed a Pokedrone. Pokedrone is a drone that players can fly to cover more ground compared to on foot. The Pokedrone is directly connected to the phone. Connected users can attach their phones to the drone’s control, then fly around this drone and catch Pokemon.

There have been many incidents involving Pokemon Go since its launch, as two men fell off a cliff while playing Pokemon Go, or a man stabbed multiple times while playing the game late at night in a park.

Go players are advised caution while playing the game.

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