Pokemon Black and White Walkthrough

Walkthrough to the complete Pokemon Black and Pokemon White story as you navigate the map on your quest to catch a new generation of Pokemon

Pokemon Black Version and Pokemon White Version introduce a generation of never-before-seen Pokemon characters featured in a thrilling new storyline set in a new region. Among the Legendary are Reshiram (Pokemon Black Version) and Zekrom (Pokemon White Version). This Pokemon Black and White Walkthrough guide will take you through the main story of the game and point out some useful things to watch out for during your travels.

Pokemon Black and White Walkthrough

Part 1

Intro and Pokemon Selection

Once you enter the New Game, you will have to pick your gender and then Professor Juniper will appear to give you a brief rundown of the Pokemon world.  She will also introduce you to your rivals Cheren and Bianca. After you’ve picked your name, you will spawn in Nuvema Town.

You and your rivals will have to rely on Juniper to begin your journeys as Pokemon trainers. The professor will give you a purple gift box and has delivered a purple gift box containing three rare starter Pokemon.  You will get the first pick. Your options are:

  • Snivy-The Grass-type
  • Tepig-The Fire-type
  • Oshawott-The Water-type

Bianca will choose next and pick the one that has a disadvantage to yours, while Cheren will pick the one that has an advantage over yours. Bianca will then say that the trio should do a battle. Regardless of who wins, Cheren will heal both Pokemon at the end.

Accumla Town/Pokemon Centers

When you get to Accumula Town, you will come across the first Pokemon Center in the game and Professor Juniper will greet you. She will explain to you how to heal your Pokemon, what the Pokemon Box system is, and tell you about the Pokemon mart.


Musicians play a neat tune during the game. You can find them by following the music you hear in the area and their locations are as follows:

  • Accumula Town – The top right house of this town’s map.
  • Nacrene City – Outside the Café Warehouse
  • Icirrus City – Between the Pokemon center and Pokemon fan club
  • Opelucid City – Location depends on the version of the game you’re playing but follow the music to find it.
  • Village Bridge – Different locations. Follow the music to find them
  • Anville Town– Follow the music

Team Plasma

This team of baddies has been causing trouble in Unova. Their first plan was to free Pokemon from what they perceived as slavery from their owners.  This changed and they tried to take over the whole region but they were defeated. Now they’re back to try again.

You will encounter them early on in Accumla Town where Ghetsis is rallying to get people to join the evil group. You will have to battle some members at the Dreamyard and then recover a stolen Pokemon from them at the Wellspring Cave. You will encounter them many times throughout your playthrough in different cities and they will constantly challenge you to battle. Especially against the leader: N.

Part  2

Striaton City

Striaton City (also known as Sanyou City) is located in the southeastern Unova area. It is location of the first Gym you will come across which is run by Cilan, Chili, and Cress. Interact with the NPC in the first building to your to obtain a Great Ball. You can get a Dusk Ball from an alleyway in the east side of the city and this will increase your chances of successfully catching a Pokemon during nighttime or in a cave. , The Pokemon Center is to the North if you require healing for your Pokemon.


This area is to the right of the Pokemon Center is called the Dreamyard,. Parts of the area are currently being blocked by a bush but if you go right , you can battle the Lass with two Purrloin and the Youngster who has two Patrat and a Lillipup. Once you’re through these trainers, talk to the female NPC by the fences and if you answer “Yes” to her question, she will give you a Pokemon depending on what you picked as your starter. Pansage, Pansear and Panpour are the options and they are all level 10.

Part 3

Nacrene City

Route 3 branches off into two trails before reaching a pond. One of these leads to Nacrene City in the Southwest. This city is filled with warehouses, including Café Warehouse from where you can get a free Soda Pop to heal a Pokemon’s health by 60 points on Wednesdays. You can also restore ancient Pokemon from fossils by visiting the Nacrene City Museum. Not mention this is the location of the Gym that is run by Lenora who uses normal-type Pokemon.

Wellspring Cave

The path from route three will also trail off towards the Wellspring Cave. You and Cheren will have to battle Plasma Grunts who have kidnapped a Pokemon.  Once you’ve defeated them, your ally will go return the Pokemon to its owner and you can grab the TM46 (Thief) from the nearby ledge. The owner of the Pokemon will also reward you with Heal Balls.

Part 4

Pinwheel Forest

This forest can be reached by taking a road west of Nacrene City and it is filled with Grass-types and Bug-types. Talk with the girl outside the city and get TM94 (Rock Smash) from her. There are trainers standing around South of the entrance and you can find a challenge rock that can be hit once a day by a Fighting-Type on top of the cliff to the southeast. Hitting the rock gets you the Star Piece.

You need to chase the Team Plasma thugs through here so that you can get the Dragon Skull they have. Burgh will block the northern exit while you chase them down. You will get the item after defeating the thugs and then Gorm will show up to attack you. Luckily, Burgh and Lenora will stop him and all the thugs will run off. For getting the Dragon Skull, you will be rewarded with a Moon Stone. You can exit by following her east to the road.

Skyarrow Bridge
This is largest bridge in Unova, and it’s purpose is to connect Pinwheel Forest to Castelia City. You can see Castelia’s skyscrapers as you come closer to the city and you can obtain Quick Claw from the Hiker inside the bridge’s eastern gate.

Castelia City

This city is extremely crowded and the buildings are vast and tall. There is an extravagant cruise ship known as the Royal Unova near the Pokemon Center. The Pokemon center’s second floor has a suited NPC who will give you an item based on your previous trades with different people.

This city also houses the Castelia Gym that is run by the Bug trainer Burgh. This gym is hard to miss since it resembles a giant beehive. You get to the trainer by doing a brief puzzle that requires you to step on switches so that you can open up the pathway towards him.  Beating this gym leader will get you the Insect Badge, as well as the TM76 (Struggle Bug).

Once you beat the Gym Leader, Bianca will reach you on the Xtransceiver and tell you to come do a battle at the fountain to the North. Head there and continue to the gate to get to the fight. Once you’re done with that, head to the pier that is near the gate and you will come across a scientist who tells you that the elemental monkey you got in the Dreamyard can evolve if presented with one of three stones; Leaf Stone, Fire Stone, or Water Stone.

There is a Game Freak building located on Castelia Street and across from it is a woman who offers you the opportunity to raise your Pokemon’s happiness by giving it a massage. Doing so will ensure that your Pokemon is friendlier with you for a day.

Part 5

Battling Cheren

You’ll find Cheren north of the Castelia gate and he will challenge you to a battle. He will have a different collection of Pokemon depending on the starter you picked. Right after you win, you will talk to Professor Juniper on the Xtransceiver. She will ask you to meet her at the Nimbasa City gate that is north of here.

Desert Resort

You should do a few things before you get to the city. Follow the road west and you will come across a vending machine from which you can get a bunch of drinks. A worker in a house there will provide you with TM28 (Dig). After a bit of walking, you will reach the sandstorm covered Desert Resort.

Relic Castle

The Relic Castle and its tower are located just north of the resort. Early on you can only access the first two floors, and the rest will become available later in the game after the worker clears out the sand that they are buried underneath. If you talk to the Backpacker who is carrying Fossils on the west side of first floor, she will let you select one to collect.

The entrance is guarded by some ancient Pokemon and this provides you a great opportunity to train before you make your way to the Nimbasa Gym.  Doctor Jerry will heal your Pokemon if you get into too much trouble during the battles.

Nimbasa City

This city is filled with entertainment, battle institutes, a big stadium, a battle subway and even a gym.  The gym leader is Elesa who specializes in Electric-type Pokemon.  Defeating her awards you the Bolt Badge, and TM72 (Volt Switch) as a prize.

Anville Town

Once you take the Brown Line from Nimbasa’s Geat Station, you can get to Anville Town in Unova’s far northwest. The highlight of this town is the Turntable that contains train engines, many of which are part of the Battle Subway.

Part 6

Battling Cheren and meeting Alder, Champion of Unova

You will encounter Cheren after leaving Nimbasa. After seeing that you too have earned the Bolt Badge, he will challenge you to a battle.  He, at some point earned his Bolt Badge as well, and is eager to challenge you again.

Once the battle is over, Elesa will show up to lead you both to the drawbridge so that she can introduce you to Alder, the Champion of Unova. Alder will task you both with the challenge of battling a pair of Preschoolers.

Elesa will then contact Driftveil City and get the Driftveil bridge lowered to provide you with access to the drawbridge. Follow Cheren across to the major port city.

Driftveil City

Immediately after your arrival at the city, you will meet the Gym Leader Clay, along with Cheren. He will tell you that some Team Plasma escapees are on the loose and he needs you to round them up. A few of them can be found In the Cold Storage building on the south side of the island.

Go straight up from the freezer’s entrance and then slide up along the left-hand side of the ice in order to find TM55 (Scald). You will have to defeat Worker Victor in battle before you can proceed to the second patch of ice. Climb up the ladder that Worker Glenn is next to, and slide around in a counter-clockwise loop to head south. Climb up the next ladder and make your way to building’s southeast corner where you will meet Battle Worker Patton and get Ice Heal.

You will find the Team Plasma grunts surrounding Zinzolin to the left of where Worker Ryan is standing.  You must defeat four of the grunts. Clay will then arrest the Zinzolin and offer you to battle him at the gym.

Driftveil Move Tutor

There is a house to the east of the market and an NPC inside will offer to teach you a special new move if your bond with your Pokemon is high. The options are: Grass Pledge, Fire Pledge, and Water Pledge.

Driftveil Gym

When you get to the gym, you will Ghetsis and some Plasma grunts there trying to get back the prisoners Clay will let Zinzolin go and the team grunts will leave. Clay specializes in Ground-type Pokemon and is also known as the “Miner King”.

There is a large mine shaft in the gym with Clay at the bottom. Take the lift down from the entrance room and then defeat Worker Felix. After that, take another lift to the second level and head up to battle Worker Sterling. Get to Worker Don by taking the walkway along the rear and west walls and once you’ve defeated him; take another lift to the third level.  From here you can either head to right to fight Clerk Isaac or battle Clerk Katie. You can then take the last lift to where Clay is. You can beat him with Grass-Type Pokemon.

Once you win, Clay will give you the Quake Badge that ensures obedience from all Pokemon up to level 60. Clay will then ask that you meet him at the end of Route 6 so head there.

Battling Bianca

Bianca will stop you en-route to Route 6 and challenge you to a battle. Defeating her will reward you with HM02 (Fly) so that you can now fast travel to cities that you have already visited instead of having to walk all the way again.

Part 7

You will be travelling along route 6 which connects Driftveil City and Chargestone Cave. Along the way you’ll run into a few locations.

Season Research Lab

The scientists here are studying Deerling and will task you with showing them one in all four of its forms in exchange for a Leaf Stone as thanks.

Chargestone Cave

The entrance is blocked by a Galvantula web but Clay will come meet you here to give you TM78 (Bulldoze) and to clear the webs away. Immediately after you enter the cave, two members of the Shadow Triad will come and take you to N who will then inform you that you’re about to battle some Team Plasma members as part of a test.

Leave him and then go meet Bianca and Professor Juniper to the North. Juniper will then give you the Lucky Egg so that you can give an XP boost to any of your Pokemon.  After this, shove the floating stone to the left of Bianca to clear your path and then proceed North t pick up a Parlyz Heal from behind a rock

As you head South, Bianca and the professor will catch up and talk more about Klink. When you get to the southern bridge, you will get warned by the Shadow Triad about Team Plasma waiting for you.  Battle Scientist Naoko and once he is beaten, go back to the western side, and head down to B1F.

You will encounter two brothers on the western side of this level and they will each give you a Nugget. You can find a Timer Ball just north from here. Go to the East to battle and defeat Doctor Wayne and then collect a Revive hidden on the wall west of there. You will then have to fight five more Plasma Grunts before you can proceed. You will the encounter one more Plasma Grunt so fight him and climb the eastern stairs.

Once you’re back on the first floor, head west past Scientist Orville and push the floating stone. Fight Ace Trainer Corky to the southeast and then go through the last tunnel in the east to get to N.  He will battle you and once you’ve won, you can make your way to the city.

Mistralton City

This city is marked by a giant runway for cargo planes. The main source of income is exporting the vegetables they grow in greenhouses.  You will meet Professor Juniper’s father when you go past the Pokemon center. His name is Cedric and he will upgrade your Pokédex with new search features, and the ability to view all forms of a Pokemon.

He will also introduce you to Skyla, the Mistralton Gym Leader so you should go meet her at the Celestial Tower to the North.

Celestial Tower

This tower has as large bell and is meant to be a memorial to deceased Pokemon. You can ring the bell when you get on top and Skyla will tell you that you are a strong and compassionate person. Now you can go battle her at the gym.

Mistralton City Pokemon Gym

This gym is lead by Skyla who specializes in Flying-type Pokemon so its only fitting that the layout of the gym is basically a large aircraft hangar. Reach the trainer by using the cannons around the gym.  You will have to battle some other trainers first but once you make it to Skyla, you should go with Electric or Rock types to get the job done. She will then reward your victory with the Jet Badge, and TM62 (Acrobatics).

Once you head outside, you will run into N who will then inform you that Ghetsis is searching for the Light Stone and the Dark Stone in order to control legendary Pokemon. At this point you can leave the city via Route 7.

Part 8

Battling Cheren

When you’re by the staircase that leads to the mountain’s entrance, Cheren will show up and challenge you to battle. Defeating him will lead to Alder showing up and gives Cheren a good talking to about responsibility before presenting both of you with a copy of HM03 (Surf). You can now revisit the previously mentioned locations that you couldn’t fully explore.

Part 9

Twist Mountain

This mountain’s caverns are filled with various tunnels spread out over four floors so that workers can mine the valuable minerals there. There are sections of this map that cannot be accessed during winter since the snow is too heavy.

The inside layout is a deep pit surrounded by walkways along the walls. There is an empty rest house outside with a vending machine. You will run into Cheren who is arguing with a Plasma grunt until another one shows up to take his buddy away. Then you can make your way to the city. Cedric will immediately greet you and tell you that the Dragonspiral Tower is the oldest building in Unova and that there are stories of Legendary Pokemon hidden there. He leaves to investigate.

Icirrus City

The city has wetlands with certain structures built to be above them. There is an ore collector at the Pokemon Center who will pay you a hefty price for any gems or minerals that you possess.

There is also a Pokemon Fan Club where you can show off your best trained Pokemon for some items. The greater the level of training that your Pokemon has, the better the tier of items that you can win. A female NPC will measure your Pokemon’s happiness if you ask her to.

The Icirrus Gym leader is Bycen and he specializes in Ice-type Pokemon so if you’ve got some Fire-Types with you, now is the time to bring them out.  Once again you’ll have to do a puzzle that involves pushing switches and battling other trainers before you reach the Brycen. Once you beat him, you will receive the Freeze Badge, and TM79 (Frost Breath) as prizes.

Outside, Cheren and Bianca are waiting for you. While they’re talking, Brycen exits the Gym and confronts the Shadow Triad, who claim that Ghetsis wants you to visit Dragonspiral Tower before disappearing again. Follow Brycen and Cheren north to reach the tower.

Dragonspiral Tower

Cedric is standing by the entrance of the tower and you will get informed by Bianca that  Brycen and Cheren are chasing some Team Plasma members. You can use the Old Gateau that you then receive to climb the tower. When you make your way to the top floor, you will find N befriending the legendary Pokemon on top. If you’re playing the Black version of the game then it’s Zekrom, while the White version has Reshiram instead. He will then fly off with the Pokemon but not before he tells you that if you hope to stop him; You must become a hero.

Going back to the entrance, Alder will meet you and let you know that the Relic Castle might have a clue regarding the other Legendary Dragon. Fly back to Nimbasa City, and go to the desert via Route 4.

Part 10

Return to Relic Castle

You can now access the lower floors since the Worker on the first floor has cleared out the sand. When you take the first stairs down, Ryoku of the Seven Sages will inform you that Ghetsis is testing you. You’ll have to keep going lower and lower while fighting more grunts.  Make your way to the bottom floor and you’ll find Cheren, Alder and Ghetsis there.  Ghetsis will task you with finding the other legendary dragon in order to defeat the king before departing.

All three of you will then be teleported to the Desert Resort where you will get a call from Professor Juniper, asking you to head to the Nacrene City museum right away.

Nacrene City museum

Professor Juniper, Cedric, Bianca, and Alder will meet you at the Museum. Lenora will exit the museum and hand you the either the Light Stone (Pokemon Black) or Dark Stone (Pokemon White). Take them and fly to Icirrus City and head to Route 8.

Moor of Iccirus

You need to get to the Moor of Icirrus which is north of route 8. Battle the Trainers and collect the items as you make your way to the moor. In the Moor of Icirrus, Pokemon appear in the marshes and water covering the area. To see everything, you’ll need a Pokemon that knows Strength to move the rock on the west side. You also have a chance to get a special rock if you collect all the items in this area:

  • Nugget – Hidden the patch of flowers north of Fisherman Damon
  • Sitrus Berries – Reward for defeating Pokemon Rangers Chloris and Harry
  • Max Potion– North part of the moor
  • Revive– Northwest of Pokemon Ranger Harry Big Mushroom
  • Big Mushroom -On a ledge southeast of Pokemon Ranger Harry
  • Max Elixir -Northeast of Pokemon Ranger Harry
  • Ultra Ball– Far side of the western marsh (requires Strength)
  • Carbos– Tree stumps west of Parasol Lady Mariah (not available during winter)
  • Max Revive– Trees north of Fisherman Damon
  • Max Ether– Northwest of Parasol Lady Mariah (requires Strength)

Head to Route 8 and go south through the marsh with all these items at hand. You will find the Parasol Lady just east of the Trainer Tips sign. She will give you eithera Damp Rock, a Heat Rock, a Smooth Rock, or an Icy Rock, depending on the time of day.

Tubeline Bridge

Once you reach the Tubeline Bridge, Bianca will show up and challenge you to another battle. Beat her to get the Full Restore as a reward before she leaves. On Friday nights, a biker gang known as the Black Empoleon will show up to take their claim over the bridge. You can battle their leader and in return, he will rename the gang after your Pokemon.

When you get to the Eastern end, you will run into Ghetsis and the Shadow Triad. He will give you a lecture about his plans before leaving. You should now head east to Route 9.

Route 9   

This road goes through the woods and it leads to Shopping Mall Nine in the north. You can get many high quality goods from here.

Part 11: Road To The Pokemon League

Opelucid City

The layout of Opelucid City depends on the version of the game that you are playing. In Pokemon Black, it resembles a futuristic city while in White it is more ancient-looking. As soon as you enter, Alder will take you to a crowed listening to Ghetsis giving a speech. He is informing people about N’s world domination plan and is trying to get them to give up their Pokemon.

Once he and Team Plasma leaves Alder introduces you to Drayden and Iris, the two Dragon-type specialists that hold the clue regarding the legendary dragon. You will then go to Drayden’s house.

Drayden’s House

Drayden and Iris will tell you the story of the legendary dragons Reshiram and Zekrom. They used to be one single Pokemon who created the Unova region with the help of the twin heroes. The Dragon split its body after a disagreement happened regarding the goals of the two brothers.  The white dragon sought truth, and the black dragon valued ideals. Both brothers fought for a while until they realized they were equally matched so they stopped until their sons fueled this flame again. Reshiram and Zekrom then utterly destroyed Unova.

Opelucid Gym

If you’re playing Pokemon Black then you will battle Drayden, while the White version has Iris as gym leader. Regardless of who you face, the gym leader is a Dragon-type specialist and to reach them, you need to step on some switches to move around three dragon statues and proceed while taking down other trainers until you reach the Gym Leader.

Use Dragon and Ice-Type attacks to damage the Gym Leader’s Dragon Pokemon until you win. You will then get the Legend Badge that ensures that Pokemon of all levels obey you. You will also get TM82 (Dragon Tail).

Route 10

After exiting the gym, you’ll bump into Professor Juniper who will lead you to city’s north gate. Since you have all 8 badges, you need to head to Route 10 but not before she gives you a Master Ball.

Route 10 is north of the city and it is filled with trees and trainers. The east end of the route leads to the Badge Check Gates, and Victory Road. Make your way up the stairs and then head east towards the bridge. You will then run into Cheren and Bianca. Cheren will challenge you to a battle in order to test your strength before you face the Elite Four. Afterwards, your Pokemon will be healed by your challenger and Bianca will provide you with three Max Revives before the duo departs. Head to the Badge Check Gates and show all your badges to proceed.

Victory Road

On your way to the Pokemon League, you will have to pass through Victory Road. This series of tunnels is filled with strong trainers getting ready to battle the Elite Four and they will make your climb much more difficult. Stock up on Ultra Balls and healing items before you start to ascend.

Trial Chamber

If you finished your exploration of the Mistralton Cave after all sections of it became unlocked, you will find Terrakion the third member of the Swords of Justice inside. You will have to battle it and we recommend you use Normal-, Fire-, or Bug-type moves to weaken it.

Part 12: The Elite Four

Preparing For the Trial

You’ve made it to the Pokemon League and you now have to fight the four strongest Pokemon trainers that exist in this region; The Elite Four. Needless to say; you should probably prepare like crazy before you rush into this battle. Make sure the Pokemon you’re bringing with you are all at least Levels mid 50s.  Be sure to visit the Pokemon center to heal and rest up your Pokemon beforehand. If you have TMs then try giving your Pokemon more unique moves. There is a Poké Mart that you can buy medicine and other healing items from.

The Battle Begins!

Each member of the Elite Four is in a separate room and you can battle them in any order you choose. Just be sure to save the game after each win so that you don’t have to start all over if you lose.

Lower-left room: Shauntal

Shauntal, is an accomplished novelist and proficient with Ghost-type Pokemon. The lead Pokemon that will be sent out is Cofagrigus that does four different move types: Psychic, Shadow Ball, Will-O-Wisp and Grass Knot. It’s incredibly hardened but slow.

The next Pokemon she sends out is Jellicent and it comes with extremely high HP and Defense. You can take it down by consistently attacking with Ghost-type, Grass-type, Electric-type and Dark-type Pokemon.

The next Pokemon sent out will be Golurk and Chandelure. These Ghost Types are weak against Water Pokemon.

Upper-left room: Grimsley

Grimsley is a Dark-type Pokemon Trainer so Fighting-type attacks, so you should go for fighting moves like Brick Break or Focus Blast. Water and  Bug-type moves that can get the job done too.

Upper-right room: Caitlin

Caitlin is the master Psychic-type Trainer so you should have the advantage by going with Dark-type Pokemon. They will be immune to Psychic-type moves, but Reuniclus’ Focus Blast can prove troublesome. You can weaken her Pokemon with Ghost, Bug, and Dark-type attacks and then finish them off.

Lower-right room: Marshal

Marshal is proficient with Fighting-type Pokemon so you should go with Pokemon that do Flying- and Psychic-type moves. Flying Pokemon can do massive damage if they know Aerial Ace but be sure to watch out for the Rock-type attacks.

Once you’ve beaten all four members, you can proceed to the next area:

The Champion’s Temple

Head to the big statue in the center of the area and interact with the plaque. You will then be taken to the large chamber below. Go up the stairs to the north and you will reach the Champion’s temple with Alder and N already inside. N has won and is bragging about his victory. He will be pleased to see that you have the stone and will then state that a place like this isn’t made for the legendary dragons. A huge castle will then rise and surround the Pokemon League so N will go to it.

If you follow him inside, you will come face to face with six of the Seven Sages. Luckily Bianca warned the gym leaders about N so they’ve come to help. They will handle the Sages while you proceed onwards.

The second floor will have a help Shadow Triad member who lets you know that you can heal your Pokemon and access the PC in the castle. Head to the middle room and you will meet Anthea and Concordia.  Anthea will heal your Pokemon while Concordia will give you some exposition regarding N’s mysterious past.

The third floor has a laboratory and one of the researchers claims that Team Plasma is in the Pokemon Storage System because they’re planning to steal and release every Pokemon stored in the system.

When you make your way to the fourth floor, you will come across another Shadow Triad member who will point you to N’s room. It is filled toys and children’s accessories for some reason.

You will encounter Ghetsis on the fifth floor when you reach the throne room.


Throne Room

N is sitting on the throne and he will call Zekrom (Black) or Reshiram (White) to his side. As soon as it appears, the stone in your bag will jump out and start awakening the dragon’s sibling. You will have to battle the sibling when it arrives so use Ground- or Dragon-type moves to damage it.  Fire-, Grass-, and Electric-type attacks will also do the trick. Once  its weakened, throw a Quick Ball at it. If that fails, lower its HP some more and then use the Ultra Ball. Once you’ve added it to your party, this will become the lead Pokemon.

Now it is time to face N’s beast. Use Ground- and Dragon-type against the dragon to weaken it. Use Fire Attacks against Vanilluxe and Klinklang, attack Zoroark, and Carracosta with Fighting-type attacks and finally: Use Electric-Type moves against Carracosta and Archeops. Moves like Brick Break, Low Sweep, and Focus Blast should get this battle done quickly.

After N is beaten, Ghetsis will show up to chew him out for his loss and reveal his secret plan to manipulate people einto releasing their Pokemon so that they can’t fight his plans. Alder and Cheren will then arrive to help, and you will have to battle Ghetsis.

Attack Seismitoad with Grass-type attacks, and Bisharp with Fighting-type moves. Hydreigon can’t be stopped by pure Ice-Types and Dragon Pulse can do some serious harm to you so do your best to survive. Send out a Pokemon with high Special Defense to ensure a higher chance of survival.


Once you beat him, he will tell you how he convinced N to become the hero and that the dragon is only obedient to those who are pure of heart. Alder and Cheren will then take him away and N will open up to you before releasing his dragon and saying goodbye to you.

The credits will roll that show the fates of the two dragons and you will be back home in Nuvema Town. You’ve finished the main story of Pokemon Black and White!

That sums up the entire Pokemon Black and White Walkthrough! We hope this guide was useful!

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