Pokemon Black and White 2 TM / HM Locations Guide

To win the battles, it’s obvious that your Pokemon should be best skilled than its opponent. The question here is that how one can train these Pokemon and make them learn new moves? TMs (Technical Machines) and Hms (Hidden Machines) are what you need for the training and this Pokemon Black and White 2 TM / HM Locations guide will help you collect them all.

Pokemon Black and White 2 TM / HM Locations

Trainers can give these training discs to their Pokemon so that they can learn some new moves and try to have an upper hand in the battle.

To find these machines and to know about the associated skills your Pokemon will learn, you can read on the following guide to find the answers.

No. Move Name Effect Location
TM01 Hone Claws Enhances Accuracy and Attack Victory Road – Near Pokemon Centre
TM02 Dragon Claw Charge the enemy and deal damage using sharp claws Dragonspiral Tower
TM03 Psyshock Deals physical damage using brain waves Giant Chasm
TM04 Calm Mind Increases SP. ATK and SP. DEF Striation City Pokemart for 80,000 PokeDollars
TM05 Roar Scares the foe into submission and thus ending the battle Route 2
TM06 Toxic Poison your foe with a toxin Seaside Cave
TM07 Hail Use a hailstorm which will damage the enemy at the start of every turn Mistralton Pokemart for 50,000 PokeDollars
TM08 Bulk Up Boosts ATTACK and DEFENSE Striation City Pokemart
TM09 Venoshock Releases a poison with a chance to poison the enemy Virbank City, acquired once you defeat Roxie
TM10 Hidden Power Reveals the true potential Pokemon World Tournament
TM11 Sunny Day Boosts FIRE power for 5 turns Mistralton PokeMart – 50,000 PokeDollars
TM12 Taunt Forces the enemy to only use attack moves Route 23
TM13 Ice Beam Use an ice beam to damage the enemy with a chance of freezing it Giant Chasm
TM14 Blizzard Summon an icy storm with a chance of freezing the enemy Lacunosa PokeMart – 70,000 PokeDollars
TM15 Hyper Beam Powerful attack that requires one turn to charge Purchasable from Route 9 Department Store for 90,000 PokeDollars
TM16 Light Screen Lowers SP. ATK damage Nimbasa City PokeMart for 30,000 Yen
TM17 Protect Dodge incoming attack Pokemon World Tournament
TM18 Rain Dance Increase WATER damage for 5 turns Mistralton PokeMart for 50,000 PokeDollars
TM19 Telekinesis Raise the enemy in air and hit it easier for the next 3 turns Route 18
TM20 Safeguard Eliminate all status problems Pokemon World Tournament
TM21 Frustration Stronger the Pokemon’s hate, stronger the attack Floccesy Ranch
TM22 Solarbeam Absorb light and then attack the next turn Pinwheel Forest
TM23 Smack Down Throw rocks or bullets at your opponent. Pokemon World Tournament
TM24 Thunderbolt Strong electrical discharge with a chance of paralysis Victory Road – From Rival
TM25 Thunder Lightning discharge with a chance of paralysis Lacunosa Town PokeMart for 70,000 PokeDollars
TM26 Earthquake Shake the ground and deal damage Route 15
TM27 Return Directly proportional to your friendship bond Aspertia City, obtained from Bianca
TM28 Dig Go underneath the ground and attack the next turn Route 4
TM29 Psychic SP. ATK with a chance of lowering SP. DEF Route 13
TM30 Shadow Ball Throw a black ball of darkness at your enemy with a chance of lowering SP. DEF Reversal Mountain
TM31 Brick Break Shatter through REFLECT barriers and deal damage Pokemon World Tournament
TM32 Double Team Create mirages in order to increase chances of dodging an attack Pokemon World Tournament
TM33 Reflect Erect a wall of light which will weaken physical attacks Purchasable for 30,000 PokeDollars from Nimbasa City Pokemart
TM34 Sludge Wave Attack enemies near you with a wave of sludge. Chance of poison Pokemon World Tournament
TM35 Flamethrower Fire attack that has a chance of inflicting a burn Route 23
TM36 Sludge Bomb Throw sludge at an enemy with a chance of poison Route 8
TM37 Sandstorm Create a sandstorm Mistralton City PokeMart for 50,000 PokeDollars
TM38 Fire Blast Fire ball thrown at your enemy with a chance of causing a burn Purchasable for 70,000 PokeDollars from the Lacunosa Town PokeMart
TM39 Rock Tomb Reduces enemy’s speed Relic Castle
TM40 Aerial Ace Unavoidable attack as it is extremely fast Mistralton City Runway
TM41 Torment Torment your enemy and prevent them from using the same move Castelia Sewers
TM42 Facade Increase ATTACK if inflicted by a burn, paralysis or poison Marine Tube
TM43 Flame Charge Flame yourself up and charge your enemy Tubeline Bridge
TM44 Rest Sleep for 2 turns restoring HP 11th floor of the GameFreak building located in Castelia City
TM45 Attract Opposite gender may not attack North Street of the Castelia City
TM46 Thief Steal enemy Pokemon’s held item Virbank Complex
TM47 Low Sweep Attack the enemy’s feet with swift movement Wellspring Cave
TM48 Round Attack your enemy with a song and if everyone sings together, the move can be used successively with increase in power Pokemon World Tournament
TM49 Echoed Voice Attack enemy with an echoed voice. Power increases if everyone uses it Nimbasa City, found in the Musical Hall
TM50 Overheat Full-Power attack at the cost of lowering your SP. ATK N’s Castle
TM51 Ally Switch Teleport and switch places with another Pokemon in your roster Pokemon World Tournament
TM52 Focus Blast Lower enemy’s SP. DEF Wellspring Cave
TM53 Energy Ball Lower enemy’s SP. DEF Aspertia City
TM54 False Swipe Deal damage to your enemy and not let them go below 1 HP Reversal Mountain
TM55 Scald Fire hot water at your enemy with a chance of inflicting burn Defeat Marlon found in Seihaga City
TM56 Fling Throw held item Route 6
TM57 Charge Beam Chance of raising SP. ATT Lentimas Town
TM58 Sky Drop Raise enemy in the air in one turn and smack them down in the next turn Mistralton City
TM59 Incinerate Burn your enemy as well as any berries they might be holding Pokemon World Tournament
TM60 Quash Hold your enemy down, forcing it to attack last Pokemon World Tournament
TM61 Will-o-wisp Cause a burn on your enemy with fire Celestial Tower
TM62 Acrobatics Attack the enemy lightly, damage increases if your Pokemon is not holding any item Defeat Skyla in Mistralton City
TM63 Embargo Enemy will no longer able to use held items Driftveil City Market
TM64 Explosion Cause a lot of damage and make the enemy faint Pokemon World Tournament
TM65 Shadow Claw Great chances of a critical hit Celestial Tower
TM66 Payback Deal greater damage after being hit once Route 16
TM67 Retaliate If a teammate faints, the power of this attack increases Team Plasma Frigate
TM68 Giga Impact User will not be able to attack next turn Department Store of Route 9 for 90,000 PokeDollars
TM69 Rock Polish Raises Speed Reversal Mountain
TM70 Flash A bright light is created in order to blind the enemy and reduce its accuracy Castelia City Mode Street
TM71 Stone Edge Great chances for a critical hit Twist Mountain
TM72 Volt Switch Attack the opponent and immediately switch places with another Pokemon Defeat Elesa in Nimbasa City
TM73 Thunder Wave Weak discharge of electricity which will paralyze the enemy Bought for 10,000 PokeDollars in Nimbasa City PokeMart
TM74 Gyro Ball Damage increases with respect to the foe’s speed Bought for 10,000 PokeDollars in Nimbasa City PokeMart
TM75 Swords Dance Raises ATTACK Pokemon World Tournament
TM76 Struggle Bug Lower your enemy’s SP. ATK Defeat Burgh in Castelia City
TM77 Psych Up Take the enemy’s effects for yourself Pokemon World Tournament
TM78 Bulldoze Lower opponent’s speed by creating a shockwave in the ground Defeat Clay in Driftveil City
TM79 Frost Breath Guaranteed critical hit. Chill your enemies Pokemon World Tournament
TM80 Rock Slide Chances to cause flinching. Bring down boulders on your enemy Mistralton Cave
TM81 X-scissor Deals damage with no lasting effect Route 7
TM82 Dragon Tail Causes the opponent to switch out. If the battle is with a wild pokemon, the battle will end Defeat Drayden in Opelucid City
TM83 Work Up Raise ATTACK and SP. ATK Defeat Cheren in Aspertia City
TM84 Poison Jab Chance to poison enemy Moor of Iccirus
TM85 Dream Eater Take one half of the damage inflicted on the sleeping enemy Dreamyard
TM86 Grass Knot Deal more damage if your enemy is heavier Pinwheel Forest
TM87 Swagger Raise ATTACK Pokemon World Tournament
TM88 Pluck Damage doubles if your enemy is holding a berry Pokemon World Tournament
TM89 U-turn Switch out after damaging Pokemon World Tournament
TM90 Substitute Erect a decoy using 1/4th of the user’s maximum HP Twist Mountain
TM91 Flash Cannon Lower enemy’s SP. DEF Twist Mountain
TM92 Trick Room Slower Pokemon attacks for first 5 turns Abundant Shrine
TM93 Wild Charge Charges user up in electricity and smashes into the enemy Victory Road
TM94 Rock Smash Smash the enemy with a rock lowering its DEFENSE Virbank Complex
TM95 Snarl Lowers enemy’s SP. ATK Lostlorn Forest
HM01 Cut Cut your enemy Roxie in Virbank City
HM02 Fly Fly up for one turn, and attack in the next From Bianca at Route 5
HM03 Surf Create a huge wave and lay it down on your enemy From Cherren at Route 6
HM04 Strength Slam the enemy From Rival in Castelia Sewers
HM05 Waterfall Charge your foe with immense speed From N at Victory Road
HM06 Dive Dive underwater and attack the next turn From Rival at Undella Town

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