How to Use Stickers in Pokemon BDSP

In this guide, we’ll let you know how to get and use stickers or Pokeball seals in Pokemon BDSP to decorate your Pokeball with effects.

In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, stickers add a layer of customization to your Pokemon by altering the effects that pop up when you bring them out for battle! In this guide, we’ll let you know how to get and use stickers or Pokeball seals in Pokemon BDSP.

Pokemon BDSP Stickers Location

Stickers or Pokeball Seals, in Pokemon BDSP are part of the capsule decoration system. This allows you to place various stickers on your pokeballs.

Applying Pokeball Seals in Pokemon BDSP results in many fun effects and animations that play out whenever a Pokemon in a decorated ball is used in battle or in Contests.

How to Get Stickers

One can purchase Pokeball Seals or Stickers by visiting shops scattered all over the Sinnoh region. One such shop is Pick a Peck of Colors Flower Shop at Floaroma Town by giving away Berries.

You can plant Berries at plots available all over Sinnoh region to get more stickers. Alternatively, you can also buy them by going to the market located in Sunnyshore City.

You can also get stickers as a reward by defeating Gym Leaders. To view the stickers used by Gym Leaders, you can head to the second floor of Jubilife TV building in Jubilife City.

Here, you can get access to their badges once you preview their setups after defeating them. Moreover, you can take part in Super Contest shows and win them to acquire the Pokeball seals.

The seals you get depend on the Contest Category in which you participated. The categories are mentioned below.

  • Coolness
  • Beauty
  • Cuteness
  • Toughness

The last way to get these stickers in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl is to obtain them as gifts from the NPCs.

How to use Stickers

To use stickers, you simply have to access the Ball Capsules tab in the menu. From there, you can select any pokeball and start customizing to your liking!

You can also apply 2D or 3D stickers to your Pokeballs. 2D stickers can be applied quickly, while 3D stickers take some time but are more accurate and attractive.

Before you settle on a customization, you can also preview stickers that are applied to the Pokeballs.

To do so, press + on your controller and a preview screen will appear in front of you. Now, pause the animation by pressing the A button to check if the position of Pokeball seals is accurate.

The effect created when your Pokemon comes out of the Pokeball depends on the sticker as well. The effect created is determined by the sign on the Pokeball seal.

Your score in the Visual Evaluation segment of Super Contest Shows depends on the Pokeball seal that you use. To score in Visual Evaluation, you need to decorate the Pokeball with a sticker that matches the provided theme.

You can collect up to 90 Pokeball seals/stickers in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl in total, while 20 of them can be decorated on a Pokeball at a time.

Pokeball Sticker Prices

Apart from earning stickers by defeating Gym Leaders or winning contests, you can also purchase certain Pokeball seals and stickers from vendors.

In order to buy Pokeball stickers in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, you either need berries or Pokedollars, depending on where you buy them from.

Currently, in the game, there are two shops that sell you stickers. Pick a Peck of Colors Flower Shop in Floaroma Town sells Pokeball stickers in exchange for berries while a shop in Sunyshore Market sells them for Pokedollars.

Pick a Peck of Colors Flower Shop Prices

  • Electricity Sticker A: Cheri Berry x3
  • Sky Sticker C: Rabuta Berry x10
  • Song Sticker D: Chesto Berry x3
  • Sinister Sticker A: Magost Berry x10
  • Heart Sticker A: Pecha Berry x3
  • Fire Sticker D: Rawst Berry x3
  • Stone Sticker B: Wepear Berry x10
  • Cool Sticker C: Cornn Berry x10
  • Bubble Sticker D: Aspear Berry x3
  • Smoke Sticker B: Leppa Berry x3
  • Flora Sticker F: Oran Berry x3
  • Spark Sticker A: Nomel Berry x10
  • Ethereal Sticker A: Bluk Berry x10
  • Party Sticker B: Perism Berry x3
  • Star Sticker E: Lum Berry x3
  • Leaf Sticker C: Nanab Berry x10
  • Ribbon Sticker B: Sitrus Berry x3
  • Burning Sticker A: Razz Berry x10

Sunyshore City Market Prices

The shop at the top left in Sunyshore City sells stickers on the following days. The prices of the stickers are mentioned in front of them.


  • Heart Sticker A: 50
  • Star Sticker B: 50
  • Fire Sticker A: 50
  • Song Sticker A: 50
  • Ribbon Sticker C: 100
  • Electricity Sticker B: 100
  • Party Sticker D: 100


  • Heart Sticker B: 50
  • Star Sticker C: 50
  • Ribbon Sticker D: 100
  • Electricity Sticker C: 100
  • Fire Sticker B: 50
  • Flower Sticker A: 50
  • Song Sticker B: 50


  • Heart Sticker C: 50
  • Star Sticker D: 50
  • Smoke Sticker A: 100
  • Electricity Sticker D: 100
  • Fire Sticker C: 50
  • Flora Sticker B: 50
  • Song Sticker C: 50


  • Heart Sticker: 50
  • Star Sticker E: 100
  • Smoke Sticker B: 100
  • Bubble Sticker A: 50
  • Fire Sticker D: 50
  • Flower Sticker C: 50
  • Song Sticker D: 50


  • Heart Sticker E: 100
  • Star Sticker F: 100
  • Smoke Sticker C: 100
  • Bubble Sticker B: 50
  • Party Sticker A: 50
  • Flower Sticker D: 50
  • Song Sticker E: 50


  • Heart Sticker F: 100
  • Ribbon Sticker A: 100
  • Smoke Sticker D: 100
  • Bubble Sticker C: 50
  • Party Sticker B: 50
  • Flower Sticker E: 50
  • Song Sticker F: 50


  • Star Sticker A: 50
  • Ribbon Sticker B: 100
  • Electric Sticker A: 100
  • Bubble Sticker D: 50
  • Party Sticker C: 100
  • Flower Sticker F: 50
  • Song Sticker G: 50
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