Pokemon BDSP Pokeball Strength Chart, Types and Catch Rates

There’s no better feeling in the world when your Pokeball throw is successful and a wild Pokemon gets added to your Pokedex. This guide will tell you about all the different types of Pokeballs available in Pokemon BDSP, helping you select the right Pokeball for the right Pokemon.

Pokemon BDSP Pokeballs

Pokemon BDSP features fifteen different kinds of Pokeballs. One of them happens to be the generic Pokeball that has been carried over from other Pokemon titles.

Pokemon BDSP Pokeball Types

Pokeballs are pretty basic, and using them is all about skills. It won’t provide you with any additional powers for catching the Pokemon.

Below are all the remaining Pokeballs types that Pokemon BDSP has to offer.

Master Ball 

Beginning with the best all-rounder Poke Ball, Master Ball is the most powerful Poke Ball that you can find in any Pokemon game, let alone Pokemon BDSP.

If there’s a Pokemon that you don’t want to miss out on, better throw a Master Ball to secure your catch. You will find this Poke Ball at Galactic HQ Jubilife TV Station

Dive Ball

The second Poke Ball on our list is the Dive Ball. Dive Ball works well with the Pokemon that resides underwater. You will find this Poke ball at Solaceon Town

Dusk Ball 

The powers of this Poke Ball are unleashed after the sun goes down. If you’re catching a Pokemon at night or in any dark area, Dusk Ball is your go-to. This Poke Ball can be found at Oreburgh City, Solaceon Town Pokémart

Great Ball 

The powers of this Poke Ball lie somewhere between a generic Poke Ball and a Master Ball. The chances of catching a Pokemon with Great Ball are higher than that of Poke Ball and less than that of Master Ball.

You can find this Poke Ball using the Downsing Machine Poketch App or at other locations like Route 210, Eterna Forest, and Pokémon Mansion Great Marsh.

Heal Ball 

Heal Ball will not only catch a Pokemon, but it will also replenish its HP and remove any status conditions. This Poke Ball can be found at Oreburgh City, Solaceon Town Pokémart

Luxury Ball 

Catching a wild Pokemon doesn’t necessarily mean it will grow fond of you. It can take some time for a wild Pokemon to feel at home with you.

However, with this Ball, you can improve your relations with the wild Pokemon pretty quickly. This Poke Ball can be found at Solaceon Town Pokémart

Nest Ball 

If you’re catching a low-level Pokemon, then this Poke Ball would suffice. You need not waste any other powerful Poke Ball of yours. This Poke Ball can be found at Solaceon Town Pokémart.

Net Ball 

Net Ball improves your chances of catching water or bug-type Pokemon. Now that you come across a wild Squirtle, you’ll know which Poke Ball to throw! This Poke Ball can be found at Solaceon Town Pokémart.

Premier Ball 

This is a generic Poke Ball and doesn’t have any additional powers. It just looks cool and is more expensive. You have to purchase 10 Poke Balls to get 1 Premier Ball.

Quick Ball 

Quick Ball is helpful if you’re not willing to spend more time in a wild encounter. You can throw it at the beginning of the battle, and the chances are quite high that it’ll successfully catch the Pokemon. This Poke Ball can be found at Solaceon Town Pokémart

Repeat Ball

If you come across a wild Pokemon that you’ve caught before, throw a Repeat Ball and save your other expensive Poke Balls. This Poke Ball can be found at Solaceon Town Pokémart

Safari Ball 

This is also one of the special Poke Balls, and it’s used in the Safari Zones. This Poke Ball is located at the Great Marsh

Timer Ball 

This Poke Ball is best used during the later stages of the battle. The more turns you take, the more powerful you will get. This Poke Ball can be found at Solaceon Town Pokémart

Ultra Ball

Again, one of the best Poke Balls in the game that have a high rate of success for catching a wild Pokemon. It’s even better than a Great Ball.

After getting 5 badges you can get this ball from Pokémart Route 210, Route 225, Iron Island, Acuity Lakefront, and Stark Mountain.

Pokemon BDSP Pokeball Catch Rates

Great Ball: It has a 1.5x higher Catch Rate than a standard Poke Ball.

Ultra Ball: Ultra Ball has a Catch rate of 2x.

Master Ball: The Catch Rate of Master Ball is 100%.

Dive Ball: It has 3.5x chances of catching a Pokémon Underwater and normal chances otherwise.

Dusk Ball: It has a 4x Catch Rate at night and in dark areas.

Heal Ball: Heal Ball has a 1x Catch Rate.

Luxury Ball: This ball has a normal Catching Rate.

Nest Ball: High chances of catching lower-level Pokemons.

Net Ball: It has a 3x catch rate against the Bug and Water-type and normal otherwise.

Premier Ball: It has a 1x Catch Rate.

Quick Ball: Catch rate decreases after 5 turns.

Repeat Ball: This Poke Ball has a 3x Catch Rate.

Safari Ball: Its catch rate is 1.5x but only useable in Great Marsh.

Timer Ball: Its catch rate increases after 10 turns in a battle.

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