Pokemon BDSP Nursery Location Guide

A Daycare in Pokemon games is used to breed Pokemon and make them stronger. In Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, the Pokemon Daycare has been renamed to Nursery. In this guide, we will provide you with the Nursery Location in Pokemon BDSP and how to use the features it offers.

Pokemon BDSP Nursery Location

A nursery or daycare in any Pokemon game is a place where trainers come to breed stronger Pokemon. There is a nursery in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl as well and we will be helping you locate it.

Previous titles in the Pokemon series used to have Daycares where trainers would leave their existing Pokemon for some time and that Pokemon leveled up by staying there.

There are no daycares in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl so players cannot use this method to level up the Pokemon in their arsenal.

Nursery Location

To find the Pokemon Nursery in BDSP, you need to head over to the Southern side of Solaceon town and go towards the Pokemon Center there. You should be able to spot the Nursery on the opposite side of the Pokemon Center.

Nursery Feature and Restrictions

Trainers can come in and leave Pokemon at the nursery to have them hatch and evolve into stronger Pokemon who are more dependable in combat.

To make this happen, players need to collect high IV Dittos and then leave them with the Pokemon they want to breed. The nursery will eventually contact you and give you an egg.

Hatching the Egg

Some of the Pokemon eggs you get from the Nursery will require you to walk or bike a certain number of steps before the egg becomes ready to hatch.

To make this process easy, the nursery is placed at a location that is very close to a highway. Simply hop onto Route 209 and walk or bike towards Route 210 until your egg is ready to hatch.

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