Pokemon BDSP Nursery Location Guide

In this guide, we will provide you with the Nursery Location in Pokemon BDSP and how to use the features it offers.

Nursey or Daycare in Pokemon games is where trainers leave their Pokemon to make them strong as well as breed better offspring. In Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, the Pokemon Daycare has been renamed to Nursery. In this guide, we will provide you with the Nursery Location in Pokemon BDSP and how to use the features it offers.

Pokemon BDSP Nursery Location

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A nursery or daycare in any Pokemon game is a place where trainers come to breed stronger Pokemon. There is a nursery in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl as well and we will be helping you locate it.

Where is the Daycare in Pokemon BDSP

Previous titles in the Pokemon series used to have Daycares where trainers would leave their existing Pokemon for some time and that Pokemon leveled up by staying there.

There are no Daycares in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl so players cannot use this method to level up the Pokemon in their arsenal. Daycares have been replaced by Nursery.

To find the Pokemon Nursery in BDSP, you need to head over to the Southern side of Solaceon town and go towards the Pokemon Center there.

You should be able to spot the Nursery on the opposite side of the Pokemon Center. It’s directly across the street from the Pokemon Center, and there’s an old bloke standing outside.

Nursery Features and Restrictions

Trainers can come in and leave Pokemon at the nursery to have them hatch and evolve into stronger Pokemon who are more dependable in combat.

To make this happen, players need to collect high IV Dittos and then leave them with the Pokemon they want to breed.

When your egg is ready, the Oldman outside the nursery will shift position, signifying that your egg is ready. The nursery will eventually contact you and give you an egg.


In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, if one of the Pokemon being mated is a Ditto, the progeny will always be of the same species as the mother.

When a Ditto mate produces an egg, the egg will always be the species of the second Pokemon, whether male or female. Otherwise, in order to breed, the two Pokemon must be from the same egg group.

A Destiny Knot should be given to a Ditto with high IVs so that it can pass five of them down to its progeny, with the sixth IV stat provided by the other parent.

In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, the Destiny Knot is an item that allows the Pokemon clutching it to pass down five of its six IV stats to its progeny at random.

In order to pass on its nature to its progeny, the parent Pokemon requires an Everstone. In most situations, the non-Ditto partner should be the one carrying the Everstone while it is in the nursery.

The parent Pokemon can also pass on some of its moves to its progeny while breeding; these moves are known as Egg Moves.

Aside from that, parent Pokemon can pass on some of its abilities to their offspring, especially female Pokemon.

They have a 60% probability of passing on their skill to their progeny, which is somewhat greater than males. They have the same probability of passing on Hidden Abilities to their progeny.

Hatching the Egg

Some of the Pokemon eggs you get from the Nursery will require you to walk or bike a certain number of steps before the egg becomes ready to hatch.

To make this process easy, the nursery is placed at a location that is very close to a highway. Simply hop onto Route 209 and walk or bike towards Route 210 until your egg is ready to hatch.

Furthermore, any egg from a breedable group can hatch faster if a Pokemon with the Flame Body ability is in the party when traveling with one or more eggs.

Egg Groups

In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, there are 15 separate egg groups, and every Pokemon belongs to at least one of them. The 15 different Pokemon egg groups are:

  • Monster Group: Pokemon that resemble dinosaurs or fictional animals capable of standing on two legs by balancing their tails.
  • Water 1 Group: Pokemon that are usually found on both land and water.
  • Water 2 Group: Pokemon that look like fish.
  • Water 3 Group: Pokemon that symbolize aquatic or semi-aquatic invertebrates.
  • Bug Group: Pokemon with insectoid or bug appearances.
  • Flying Group: Pokemon that typically look like birds.
  • Field Group: Land-based Pokemon.
  • Fairy Group: Pokemon that are considered cute and pretty.
  • Grass Group: Pokemon with plant-like appearances like Turtwig and Cherubi.
  • Human-Like Group: Pokemon that are the closest to resembling humans.
  • Mineral Group: Pokemon that symbolize inorganic substances like rocks and metal.
  • Ditto Group: In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, an egg group that solely includes Ditto.
  • Amorphous Group: Ghost-type pokemon that don’t have a solid shape.
  • Dragon Group: Pokemon that resemble dragons and dinosaurs such as Charizard
  • Undiscovered Group: Pokemon that cannot breed.

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